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Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 24 of April Poem A Day!!!

The prompt for today inspired me to write about the news. 

April 24, 2014
Prompt: Title your poem Tell It To..... and write a poem to match the title.

Tell It To The News
Tell it to the man who
blows hot air filled with
nonsense all over my
TV screen and to the
power hungry leaders
who must attack their
own people to feel good
Tell it to the endless stream
of breaking news that
floats underneath in waves
as we try to digest ten
things at once
Tell it to the useless rolls
of looped action played
over and over again until
you have memorized the
actions even if they are
violent or ridiculous
Tell it to the accident victims
who only wanted to have
a good time, but instead
they are now front and center
battered and bruised featured
as a story while they are
carted off to the ER
Tell it to the abused people
whose lives are not
showcased for all to see
but instead must live with
the chaos of war in a place
where news has deserted it
Tell it to my overflowing
brain inured to explosions
and gun fire from seeing them
all too many times in living
color on the screen and
wondering why when all
prefer no guns we have
a place in our country
where guns rule
Tell it to the horror of loss
we have seen too many
times on the faces of
parents whose children
were caught in the
nonsense of gun fire
and whose melting faces
will be immortalized on
the screen
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, thank you to Vicki Batman and H. K. Carlton for tweeting about this blog from the beginning. Also a big shout out to Madeleine McLaughlin, Melanie King, Jenna Storm, and Lea Barrymire and Ann Swann for their tweets too!!! You have made me very happy!!! 

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