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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 22 and Day 23 of April Poem A Day!!

I am a day late posting this, because I forgot to do it last night. So I am posting two days today.  
Yesterday's prompt was for Two for Tuesday and so I did write two poems. Here they are for yesterday:

April 22, 2014
Prompt: Write a pessimistic and /or optimistic poem

Each day I fill up my hope
balloon for the journey
and we travel along the
corridors of silent walls
where it leaks slowly
and we settle in
hospital rooms never
seeing how the leak
increases and by the
end of the day it is
only a withered remnant
I must take home and
fill up again
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

The next poem could be considered optimistic, but I wrote it because it was Earth Day yesterday:

Saving the Earth
The Earth will be saved
only if we care enough
about it to stop the
destructive ways we
have been showing
towards her
Her green meadows
will thrive with wildflowers
and the songs of birds
while the sun will bathe
her in its brilliant light
creating the food we
all need to live
We will save our Earth
from the destroyers who
care only about greed
and not about the delicacy
of a violet rising from the
soil or the smile on the
child’s face who sees it
Our Earth is precious
and we need its bounty
not to be sullied by evil
businesses who want
only profit and don’t care
about the dirty oil that
will spill and cover all
But I believe we can
keep this from happening
with the strength of the
truth as we fight and
continue to fight to
preserve the verdant tresses
of our land
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Here is the poem for today. 

April 23, 2014
Prompt: Write a location poem

You Are My Home

The pillows sit on top of each other
Your sink is almost empty
Your side of the bed sits empty too
Each night I go to sleep with the
phone near my head in case you
call me and wake me in the 

Everything waits for you
as if all of us were in limbo
a sense of absence fills
the place and we all know
you are missing and there
is imbalance 

You are not here in body
for there is another place
where you live now
It is sterile and spare
but it is your home now
among the tubes delivering
medicine to you keeping
you there and I want to 
crawl into that bed and
have your arms around me
though you are weak now
and it would be me holding
you and then I would be
home and find the missing
piece of my life 
for you are my home and
I will plant myself where you
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, I can't believe we only have a week more of this to go. I am not going to be happy when this month ends. I hope all of you have been able to celebrate National Poetry Month by either writing or reading poetry.:) 

April 24 is Poem in Your Pocket Day. On this day you place a poem in the pocket of a loved one and they find it during the day. Or you leave a poem anywhere. 

I will be going back to my usual format in May with guest authors and my usual meanderings.:)

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