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Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Poem A Day Continues!!

Hope some of you went over to Poetic Asides and posted your poems there. I love April, because it forces me to write poetry every day. :) I will be posting each day's poems here too. Finding anything on Poetic Asides means scrolling a lot. I do like to browse through the poems there and read as many as I can. The work this year exceeds last year and I think the judges are going to have a very difficult time picking winners this time.

April 3, 2014
Prompt: Write a poem with a message

Can't We Go Back
Can’t we go back
to the times when life was carefree
when our only decision was what movie to see
when your legs were strong and muscular
and your grip strong
Can’t we go back to the
younger days when children’s laughter
sprinkled through our days
when walking was easy and we
sauntered together in foreign places
Can’t we go back to the times
when you were you, brusque and overbearing
warm and caring and always in motion
striding before me in your own rhythm
enfolding me in your arms and the warmth
of your massive chest pressing on my body
Can’t we go back to the times
before the sickness reigned and
changed you into this copy of you
where somewhere the real you
is imprisoned under this veil of ennui
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, if you don't write a poem at least choose a poem and read it every day. I will be telling you about Poem in Your Pocket Day, which is when you place a poem in someone's pocket without them knowing it and they discover it during the day. 

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