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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15 of April Poem A Day!!

Today is tax day, but I got an extension to pay our tax. Tonight was also the second night of Passover and for all my Jewish friends Happy Passover.  A Passover Seder has a structure like a piece of writing. You start with the Kiddush, which is a blessing over the wine. You use a Haggadah to make sure you get the story right. The youngest asks the Four Questions, which are questions about the Seder and about why we eat certain foods. Then there is the story of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. God is the central character and it's all about the interpretation of his deeds. Finally the big climax when Moses leads his people out of Egypt by parting The Red Sea. The ending winds down with the Jews staying alive by eating manna in the desert.

Today's prompt is about Love!

April 15, 2014
Prompt: Write about Love

Love Fills My Heart

I thought you had squeezed

all the love from me
If you looked inside you
would find only a
shell of a heart
like the cheap hollow
chocolate hearts you see in 

Then I lay prostrate at your feet

as the last drops of love
found deep inside me
emerge and when I pour
this little bit on top of you
suddenly you will be strong
again and I will continue
to find more filling my heart
until it is no longer empty
Only then will my sadness
be replaced with the joy
of your smile
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Whoops, I had to add one more poem to this post. The prompt was for a Love and an Anti Love poem. So here is my Anti Love poem:

Chocolate You Destroy Me
(Anti Love Poem)
Chocolate you destroy me
You force me to eat you
and I gorge on your sweetness
only to pay the price of despair
as I survey the results of my
stuffing your goodness into my
mouth and letting the delectable
smooth substance of you melt
But no I must not love you for
this is the destruction of my
body and though I do love
you I must say no and ignore
your charms
But just one more bite, please
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, I want to thank all the people who have tweeted about this blog. It's nice to know someone is reading your work. Usually I go by the comments where people will react to my blog, but I was surprised and very happy to see all the tweets.:) I've been in a kind of a daze since my husband has been in the hospital these past weeks, so I just found them yesterday. I am also posting my poems on Poetic Asides under lionmother.

Happy writing and I hope you are writing poetry too.:) It's all that has kept me sane.

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