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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

So it's March and I haven't posted for six months. Sorry, but life got in the way. I got involved with another poetry group, Motivational Strips and this has taken a big chunk of my time. Also had a lot of events going on so I neglected this blog.

I originally started a blog because I didn't think anyone was listening to me and so I decided to write out what I was thinking. Now with Facebook it seems like everyone writes everything anyone is thinking and sometimes a little too much. I usually try to post the happy things and stay away from anything that might be too sad. I don't post cute puppies and kittens but there are enough of those around to make me happy. I do post happy photos of me and my family and achievements that I have had. Sometimes, rarely, I still post poetry and announcements of things.

This is a post to let you know that I got another 5 star review for If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor!! it's very exciting to get a review for a book that was published six years ago!! I am putting it here, though I had it on Facebook and Twitter and Google Groups+. But there are still some people who don't read any of that and just do blogs. If you have seen this before I apologize for repetition but for me I can't show you this review enough!! LOL

Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite
The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. How many times do we hear this in a lifetime? Jennifer Taylor seems to have it all...More 

My guest author today is Joshua Grant or Joshua the Gamer from his outstanding and innovative website: I met Josh because I got an email from him, went to the website and immediately wanted to know more about this person who was an author and who gave back to charity from his website. So I invited him to be on my radio show, Red River Radio Tales from the Pages. He was my guest for October and he also is my guest today here on the blog. Let's meet him:

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in the District of Columbia after my family got stationed there.  I've lived most of my life in lovely sunny Colorado where I still reside (because it's lovely, and sunny, and mountains).
Besides writing what is your occupation?
I used to act and teach.  Nowadays I substitute teach just to be involved, work with kiddos at church, and run Diabolic Shrimp.
What do you do besides writing? Do you have any hobbies?
I do a LOT of writing! :)  But on the rare occasions that I come up for air, I love to play video games and watch movies with friends.  I think food is a hobby maybe?  I love to just get together with people, joke and laugh and share a meal together.
Who or what influenced you to begin writing?
My middle school teacher Mrs. Munos definitely made me believe I could write something decent.  From there, it was largely a smattering of good movies, books, and video games that drove my creativity.
In what kind of genre is your writing? Do you want to explore other genres?
I mostly write Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, with the occasional Horror/Thriller novel.  Not sure I can branch out much more than that! :)
Please tell our audience what a typical day of writing would be for you.
I either write first thing when I get up or last thing just before going to sleep.  I usually just spend an hour or two a day writing and that's it.
How many books do you have published? Please let us know the path to publication for your first book.
Currently I have three books published: Pandora (Horror/Thriller), Jericho (Horror/Thriller), and The Fifth Ascendant (Young Adult Fantasy).  For Pandora, my first book, I originally went the path of trying to woo traditional publishers.  Eventually, I began to look at self publishing and found that to be a wonderful path as long as you're willing to work very hard.  I ended up publishing physical and ebooks through Amazon.
Would you please tell our listeners about each of the books you have published?

Pandora is a horror/thriller book set aboard a cruise ship.  After the Emerald Rose disappeared and returned a week later, business tycoon Patrick Carver sends out a special forces team to investigate.  Pandora is filled with clever twists, creepy monsters, and hapless heroes.

Jericho is the second book in my horror/thriller series The Organization.  A father takes is son to live in the mountain town of Shadow Pines with his exwife for the summer.  A police officer searches for her missing brother in the same town.  They will all quickly discover that Shadow Pines isn't as empty as it appears.

The Fifth Ascendant is my fun and actiony Young Adult Fantasy novel.  Kal is an Ascendant, a warrior with ultimate powers.  But is he fighting for the right side?
How did you get the idea to make a website called Diabolic Shrimp?
When I was a brand new author, I quickly discovered how hard it was to find a place that was truly supportive and didn't have a million rules or cost money.  Thus, I set out to make one.  I created a place that's free and no hassle to authors and readers where I buy and review books and give books away to readers.  The 'Diabolic' is for my diabolic plan to get every author on there one day and take over the world.  The 'Shrimp' is because authors are just the little guys, but together we're pretty impressive.  Plus, it's just a fun quirky title that brings a smile to peoples' faces and I love that.   

  About how many books do you buy from visitors to your website a year? What benefit do you find from buying and reviewing your visitors’ books?
I currently am up to buying a book a day from authors!  It's really grown in the couple of years Diabolic Shrimp has been around!  There are many benefits to this.  First off, I get to support other authors which is why I set out to create Diabolic Shrimp in the first place.  But the cool part is, people really respond when you show them kindness.  I gain money through advertising on the site which makes it sustainable, and I get to put some of that money towards meaningful causes like ocean exploration or breaking the world's poverty cycle.
What gave you the idea of sending a shrimp into outer space? Do you think this will ever happen?
Haha!  That mission was just my way of sprucing up the site!  Diabolic Shrimp used to be a lot more rigid back in the day.  I wanted to make it a little more fun (and I totally love space exploration and would be over the moon if I got to send shrimp to the moon).  It hasn't happened, yet, but as they say, if the sky's the limit, why are there footprints on the moon?
Do you have any in person or online events scheduled for your books in the near future? Please tell our listeners where they can find these.
I'm really focused right now on bringing two new projects to market, Nexus my young adult sci fi thriller and Silly Tales from Albanon my quirky short fantasy.  That's taking most of my time outside of Diabolic Shrimp, so I don't really have much else planned on the horizon at the moment.
Where can our listeners find your books? 
Readers can find my books on Amazon or Diabolic Shrimp.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read any of them for free.  Links are below if you want to check them out!

Diabolic Shrimp:
Finally, one last question I always ask my guests. Are you a plotter or a pantser? That is do you need to outline or do you just write?
I think both?  Haha!  Maybe like a Plotantser or something.  I have each chapter generally plotted out in my head and then I just start writing from there.

Thank you so much for being my guest today, Josh, and I hope that readers will go and listen to the excellent radio show where you talk more about everything. It took a few months but you got here. I also hope that my readers will check out your website. It has the two f's: free and fun!!!

Until the next time, I apologize for the delay and in that time you may notice that there is no longer a side panel here. Many of the features have been discontinued on this so I will be moving to another place very soon. Watch this space as Rachel Madow always says.

Also, my radio show, Red River Radio Tales from the Pages will be on this Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 4pm EDT. Check my Author page or my Facebook page for the link. 

Happy almost Spring!!!
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