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Sunday, April 16, 2017

What Can You Find When You Google Yourself?

Ordinarily, I don’t Google myself. After learning about an awareness initiative run by Reputaion I decided to write a post about this very subject. So I did Google myself and I found 10,200 results. After I went through 13 pages I found 150 hits and most of them were about me. I am an author with three published books, so they were for various websites including Amazon and also there were entries for places where I had been a guest blogger or a guest or where you could find reviews of my books. This was all fine and I was very pleased to see that I had to go through 13 pages before I came to anything that wasn’t specifically about me. In addition to places where I posted there were those where I had left a comment and even a few where I had signed my name to a petition. 

This was all okay, but when I came to the 14th page I found that there were references to another Ehrentreu. My husband’s family has a very famous rabbi and I found many references to this person whom I have never met. Also, there were references to other Ehrentreu’s that I didn’t know. 

When I checked the photos I found a lot of me, my book covers, and photos of me holding my books taken at various places where I had been selling them. But there were also photos of book covers from authors that I had hosted on my blog and other photos that were related to a poetry site to which I had belonged. In addition, there were photos of other Ehrentreu’s. There were also photos of people I had never met. There was even a photo of an actress who I had never written about or had any contact with. 

The interesting thing about signing out of Google is that there were only eight pages shown and all of them were about me or related to me. I went to the photos and videos and I found a video of myself being interviewed that I hadn’t remembered. It was fun to see it and it brought back memories for me. Also included were videos not about me, but they were the same program on which I had been. So I wondered why these were included.

When I went to the News about me I saw the article from The Huffington Post that I had written and there were a couple of other items that had nothing to do with me except for having either written a comment or signed something.

I was happy not to find anything that I needed to delete since that has happened to me before with Google. At that time there was a pornographic site in my results. I wrote to Google and they deleted it immediately. 

In conclusion, I think it is very important to Google yourself every once in awhile to see what is showing up under your name. I was pleased for the most part, because as I said, at least 8 pages without being logged into Google were about me. I think it’s interesting that when I was logged in it brought up more hits about me and added other people named Ehrentreu, who I know are related to me somehow. Now I’m wondering if you Google yourself while being logged into Google are they bringing up other people who have your name due to the relationship? Anyway, I learned something new about Google.  I have a bigger profile than I thought I had. For an author, this is a good thing!

I am including a graphic that was given to me by in case you decide to Google yourself.

Until the next time, I apologize for not writing since my last post. I have been extremely busy and writing poetry. My next Blog Talk Radio show, Red River Radio Tales from the Pages will be on Thursday, April 27, 2017, with Eleanor Kuhns and Betty Jean Craige, two amazing authors.

Happy Passover to those who are now celebrating as I am and Happy Easter to those who are celebrating this weekend.  It’s finally Spring so I am going out to feel the sunshine!

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