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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Book Trailer Is Here at Last!

First of all, sorry for the late posting, but the days got crazy and I didn't get a chance to post this blog at all.

Now for the first order of business. Here is the lucky winner of the free ebook drawing:


I have informed her and sent her the free book!! Thank you to all who left comments and also thank you to the people from the Campaign who visited and tagged me. I am tagged by so many people so I will try to answer these as soon as I can. I will go in the order in which I was tagged.

Chandara Writes tagged me first. So here are the answers to her questions:

Questions from Chandra Writes

1.Are you a dog or cat person?
I am definitely a dog person.

2.What is your favorite color?
I love red.

3.What is your favorite book?
This is a hard one. It used to be Alice in Wonderland, but now I’m not so sure. I read so many books now, it’s hard to choose. I love romances and intricate novels with a happy ending.

4.What do you prefer: pencil or keyboard?
Definitely, I prefer a keyboard. It’s so much easier to keep writing on a keyboard.

5.If you could have powers, what would it be?
I’d like to have the ability to literally make money. Money would come from my body whenever I needed it.

6.Who is your favorite villain? Why?
My favorite villain is The Riddler. I think I enjoyed solving the riddles, though I didn’t like his answers very much.

7.What drove you to write?
No one would listen to me when I talked, so I had to put it down in writing.

8.If you were forced to change your name, what would it be?
I’ve never thought much about it, but I do have another writing name. It’s Trudy Joyce.

9.What is your favorite place?
I love to be near the shoreline.

10.What was your favorite year? Why?
Probably my favorite year was 2010, because that is the year my book was accepted for publication.

11.What is your favorite song?
This has never changed in years: Moon River

Gina of This is not Your Blog, here are the answers to your questions:

1. What was the greatest live music experience you've ever had?
I can't choose, but any Bruce Springsteen concert and the last Rolling Stones concert at Madison Square Garden! We had floor seats and it was probably the best sound ever!!

2. What was your worst date ever?
Oh, that was so long ago, but it had to be the night I wound up with this guy I didn't care about in a hotel room, while my roommate was with her boyfriend in another room. It was probably the most uncomfortable night I ever spent. No details here, but they are totally G:)
3. If money is no object, what would your dream vacation be?
I would like to go back to Paris for a week and then travel to Italy and go up and down the coastline.

4. Would you rather live in a crowded city or small town?
I've lived in both and I will take the small town any day. At least you have a parking space all the time.

5. Would you be willing to murder one innocent person if you knew it would guarantee an end to all world hunger?
What? No! How would that possibly end world hunger unless you and that person were the only people left on earth and there was only one piece of food left!

6. When did you last cry in front of somebody (who is not your partner)?
Do your own children count? I cry in front of them all the time, but they are adults now. I would have to say last weekend.

7. Would you be willing to endure night terrors- every night- for the rest of your life if you were given vast personal wealth to use however you wish in exchange?
How does your mind work? This is very tempting, but probably I would have to say maybe.

8. If you could choose the manner of your death- but not the timing- what would you choose?
I'd like to go in my sleep without any pain. That seems the easiest.

9. Would you rather switch back to black and white TV with only five channels, or no internet?
Neither. I grew up with black and white TV and no internet. It was a very boring experience.

10. If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt somebody, would you do it?
Yes, in a second. I have so many people I would like to do that to.

11. What if the voodoo doll was only able to annoy them tremendously (for example: causes pervasive itching of genitals while in public, causes slight ringing in ears at nighttime, etc), would you do it?
Yes! These people deserve all the suffering they can get. They made me suffer for no reason at all. I would never do this to people I like, though.

I have also been tagged by amber glow - Amber Clites. Here are the answers to her questions:

1. Pantser or Planner?
I am definitely a Pantser! I have only had to go to an outline when I got stuck on my plot. Of course, I do character sketches after awhile to get to know my characters more. But when I start I only usually have one sentence.

2. Favorite book, movie, and TV show?
This is so hard. I don't really know. Probably, Harry Potter - the series, but especially Book One, anything by John Irving, Denis Lehane, Stephen King, Jane Austen. The list is endless.

3. Would you rather have free Starbucks for five years or free itunes for life?
Definitely free Starbucks! I hardly buy any music, but coffee is a daily experience.

4. What inspires you more, music or visual (ie: photography, scenery, etc)?
I think it is probably visual, but I have been inspired by exceptional music.

5. Are you also addicted to Pinterest?
I have to tell myself I'll only visit people who follow me. The first time I got on it I spent over and hour and didn't realize it.

6. The question for the ages, Edward or Jacob?
Neither for me. I am not a big Twilight fan.

7. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or to be able to speak and understand any language?
I would choose being able to speak and understand any language. That would be way more practical, I think.

8. Would you rather be kidnapped by terrorists or abducted by aliens?

9. What is the genre(s) that you write for?
I usually write for YA. But I do have a romance book I am thinking about getting ready for publication.

10. *Warning stolen question* If money were no object, where would your dream vacation take place?
I answered this question already for that person you stole it from, but it would be a week in Paris and then on to Italy and a drive down the coastline.

11. Did you cry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two? Was one of the times when Dumbledore asked Severus, "After all this time?" and Severus responded, "Always. " And if not, are you sure you have a soul?
I did and I was so sad when we found out the truth.

So two other people have tagged me. One is Humpty Dumpty. Her real name is Susan, but she has to post
as Humpty Dumpty on blogger. Odd isn't it? Here are Susan's questions:

1. What is the name of the book you are currently reading?
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I'm not sure if it's YA or not.

2. What type of music do you prefer. Favourite song?
I love rock and roll, some pop music, some country like Taylor Swift. My favorite song is "Moon River".

3. If you could go anywhere in this world or a fictitious one, where would you go?
I'd like to visit Hawaii. I've never been there and it looks beautiful and warm.

4. Do you currently have any pets?
No. We lost our dog years ago and we have never replaced him.

5. When do you usually set aside time to write?
I usually write whenever I have some free time and have had plenty of time to think. That is unless i am involved in a big project. Then I write whenever I can. Most of the time it turns out to be either afternoon or late nights.

6. What is the most interesting way in which you (or some other author) has killed off a character?
I have never killed off a character, but in one book I read, which is a cozy mystery, the character was killed by a huge candle holder.

7. Have you ever written a piece of fan fiction? If so, for which show/movie?
Actually, I did write a little bit of fan fiction for The X Files, but I stopped after I realized it wasn't satisfying to write with such a tight structure.

8. Do you have a specific place in which you do most of your writing?
Lately, I have my laptop on my desk, so I write there. It's far away from the front of the house, so I'm pretty secluded.

9. What is your favourite meal?
It starts out with a really good salad and then filet mignon cooked medium rare, baked potato with butter, chives and sour cream and asparagus with a butter sauce. If that isn't available I'll take steamed lobster with the same appetizer and the same accompaniments. Have good bread available with good butter. Then for dessert, either chocolate mousse or cheesecake with whipped cream.

10. Do you have any non-writing hobbies?
I love cooking, reading and walking.

11. If you had a time machine, when would you go?
Can I go now? I would really like to escape my own reality! I would go to the future!! I know about the past.

I know I need to find 11 blogs and tag them too. So here goes:

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My questions for all who were tagged:

1. If you could be any famous person, who would you be?
2. Why did you decide to write?
3. What is your favorite food? Why?
4. What is your favorite YA book? Why?
5. Who is your favorite author or authors? Why?
6. If you could live anywhere in the world besides where you live now, where would you live?
7. What is your favorite thing to do besides writing?
8. Are you a plotter or a "pantser"? (Do you plot or do you just start writing?)
9. Who is your favorite character of all time? Why?
10. What would you like to learn how to do?
11. What is your favorite kind of music?

Now for the main event. The one everyone is waiting for. The title said you would be seeing my book trailer and here it is. Please let me know if you think I need to change anything. You are going to be the first ones to see it. So be gentle, please. This is by the hands of C.K. Volnek, who made this for me months ago. I am just showing it to the world now!!

I hope you will post your reactions to this!

Until the next time, I apologize for the time between postings and sad that I lost a follower. I hope you will return, whoever you are and I hope that more will decide to follow this blog. I am going to be interviewing some very awesome people starting soon. They are all fabulous authors.

Also next blog post we will be talking about the new Spring Blog Fest Jan Fischer-Wade is having in May. I will be participating and the schedule will be put up soon. Many other outstanding YA authors will be opening their blogs and showing their books so teens can stock up on books for summer reading.
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