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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19 of April Poem A Day!!

Well we're more than halfway through the month and I'm still writing!! Today's prompt was to write about a color. Here are my poems for today:

April 19, 2014
Prompt: Title your poem a color and write about it.

Flesh Color
For me flesh color was the crayon I used
the least and only for faces and hands
But if I had looked around me when
I was a little girl I would have
realized this wasn’t the color
for everyone
Yet every crayon box had this
one crayon marked flesh color
and no others for the various
differences of my classmates
and random people I saw in
my city
I wonder if a child who was
not this color thought about
why this was the one chosen
to be flesh color
Why wasn’t it darker or browner
or yellower
When they colored a picture
of themselves what did they
use for the face and hands?
Was this their only choice
and what did that say about
the crayon makers who
continued to use this color
until late into the 90s when
finally they decided to add
a whole assortment marked
flesh color and gave it
its own little box
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Here is my second poem about my favorite color:


I always write about red
the color I will always
choose for it brings me
joy and lifts my spirits
like no other color can

Oh, gold is nice
and I love when it
sparkles especially
gold sequins lavishly
adorning fabric
or gold shoes peeking
out from a formal gown

Silver is sparkly too
and it creates a sheen
wherever it is placed
making things special

Orange has its moments
especially as the skin of
an orange or of course
pumpkins plump and 
ready for picking

Lavender is soothing
in a quiet and dignified
way it creates an aura
of peace and tranquility

But red is the one for
me and will always be
my refuge and my favorite
and I will always choose
this standout color in
all its shades of fire engine,
vermillion, ruby and even

Its glow creates a fire
inside me and instills 
a spark which carries
me through my day
and warms me from
the inside out 
copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, I hope you are enjoying these posts. I am not getting any comments so I don't know how you are thinking. Please let me know. If you comment remember they are moderated so it might be awhile before you see it. Be patient I always try to approve them quickly.

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating. Passover is drawing to a close and this year it has been a difficult holiday with my husband starting out in the hospital and now in rehab. 

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