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Monday, August 19, 2013

It's a Children's Blog Hop!!!!

Recently I was asked to participate in a Children's Blog Hop and of course, I said yes. I love being part of a blog hop and especially when it's children's writers.:) I want to thank Antje Hergt for inviting me and Cheryl Malandrinos for starting it. I have to answer the following questions and then invite 3 more authors to join in the hop and answer them too. 

Please be sure to stop by Cheryl’s blog, The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection and check out her book.

Aside from my personal experiences it is unusual for the spotlight to be on me, but today I am the featured author.:) So in keeping with my interview tradition I will interview myself. 

What are you working on right now?
At the moment I am getting ready to send out my second novel, When My Life Changed. I am working on the blurb and waiting for my daughter to finish reading it. She suggested some changes and I am hoping they were successful in bringing the story to life. She helped me with If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor so I appealed to her again. That is why it is being delayed for submission. 

How does it differ from other works in its genre?
I think there are very few books out there that deal with the result of having a parent with a heart attack who also undergoes bypass surgery. Also, the heroine is a real tomboy, yet she has a feminine side and she finds she has a crush on her best friend, a boy she has known since kindergarten. Sadly, like in Some Kind of Wonderful, he is going out with another girl who happens to be the meanest girl in the sophomore class. 

Why do you write what you do?
This is hard to answer, since my writing comes from either being inspired by an experience or an idea. Usually the story dictates what it will be. When I start to write I never know if it's going to be a short story or a novel or a poem. It all depends on what comes out when my fingers touch the keys.:) My first two books were YA about girls, but my next book, which is also almost finished will be for boys and the boy is a little older than the characters I usually write. I also have a real romance/adventure/mystery that is finished but not ready that will probably need me to use a pen name.:)

What is the hardest part about writing?

For me the hardest part is going back and revising what I have written. It's long and tedious and not as much fun as when the words flowed out of my brain onto the computer screen.:) Also, marketing is very difficult and something I am just starting to learn about doing.

What is something unique you want readers to learn about you?
I love anything to do with Betty Boop and I collect both the dolls and the figurines. I also have a few other household items with her too.:) Here is a picture of just a few of my dolls:

The rest are smaller figurines in my china cabinet. I also love lions too and have a smaller collection of them including a lion's head I wear around my neck.:) It's a small gold one.:)

Okay, this was fun and I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. As I do for all my authors I will tell you where you can get my book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, which won second prize last year for Best Young Adult fiction. It is available in both ebook and paperback and here is where you can find it:

MuseItUp Publishing Book Store in both MuseItYoung and YA


Barnes and Noble



I am also on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Lindkedin and Book Town. 

Now I am going to tell you who I have chosen to tag as the next three authors:

Ginger Simpson
Barbara Bockman
Heather Haven

I had 3 other authors here and unfortunately they had to decline. So I'm hoping these three will say Yes!!

I love comments so please don't hesitate to comment here. Also, please visit Cheryl's blog and also Antje Hergt's as well. On each of these blogs you will meet three more amazing children's authors.:)

Until the next time, my next guest author is going to be Antje Hergt on August 29th, which happens to be my anniversary! So please remember to stop by and check out her books and learn more about her.

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