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Friday, April 10, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday!

The Mirror by Frederick Carl Frieseke

I'm posting late for Postcard Friendship Friday and again this isn't really a postcard, but wouldn't it make a good one? I found this picture on my own story when it was posted on Moondance ezine. So I'm linking you to it. It's called "Out on a Ledge". You'll have to read it to see why they chose this illustration for that story.:)

Now for some great news!!! This blog has won an award. It's the "Makes My Heart Smile Award" given to me by my fellow blogger and new friend, Shirley from Luxury Haven. I'm very pleased and honored to have won this award given to her by Rosidah of Music of My Life also a member of the Women's Blogger Directory. It was very sweet of Shirley to give it to me and I thank her so much!!
There are rules to this award:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 10 blogs.
4. Put links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I'd love to give it to Shirley, but she already has it.:) I have read so many excellent blogs and here are the ones that make me smile. This is very difficult, because I like so many blogs for different reasons. Since I can only pick 10 I hope you all understand how I'd love to give it to almost everyone. But here goes:

  • Marilyn Campiz of The Lotus Sutra Chronicles. Most of the time she makes me smile when I read her posts and they are always so unusual. Plus she is such a good friend on Facebook.:) Enjoy this award!!

  • Marie Isabelle Reed from Cpaphil Vintage Postcards whose blogs are always fresh and exciting and who is a wonderful friend.:) Also part of Women's Blogger Directory.

  • Anne Marie Hodrick of Heart's Desire Jewelry whose pictures of her jewelry make me drool and I'd like to wear every single piece of jewelry she has there.:) Part of Women's Blogger Directory too.

  • This next one has to go to Sherry Singson of Shey Strides also on Women's Blogger Directory for her bright and cheerful blog filled with flowers and unusual and funny photos.:)

  • Another great blog where you can always find unusual and also handmade things is Yellow Goat. Though she sells everything she shows every time I go there the colors are bright and the merchandise is delightful. :)

  • Pomposh Dhar who has 3 blogs, but I have only read the two of them: Pomposh Dhar named after her of course and Wandering Pam for her beautiful photos and interesting commentary about what is happening in places we never hear about in the US.

  • To Alana Roberts who started Women's Blogger Directory and connected us all of us blogging women to each other around the world.:)

  • So this award is not only for women's blogs. The next one goes to Danny Saunders of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road whose blog is his journey to become a musician again. Your posts are always interesting and inspiring and make me smile.

  • Another one that makes me happy is No, You're A Towel with Andrew Katz. Though it is mainly sports he has a unique angle and throws in fun things like clips from South Park and comments about "24". You make me smile.:)

  • This last one has to go to every author who has a blog. I couldn't choose and didn't want anyone to feel left out.:) So please, if you are an author who reads my blog take the award and enjoy it. :)

I wish I had more to choose, but if I did I'd have to give one to Jason Mayo of Outnumbered from Blog Catalog whose blog never fails to make me smile. You are an honorable mention because there are just too many to choose from here. Please take the award.:)

Until the next time. I wish I could give it to everyone whose blog makes me smile. But please, if you got an award spread it around to your own favorites according to the rules.:)

I will post my poem for today in a separate post immediately following this one.


  1. A shame that such a Lovely image isn't on a postcard... would look sweet tucked into a vintage frame... Hope your Easter is wonderful...

  2. You are Awesome! Thanks sooooo much! Always look forward to your comments on Out-Numbered. keep them coming...

  3. AAAWWWWW! This makes my heart swell further. *blush* Thanks SO much!

    I've got a silly smile fixed on my face now. A wider one starting from the TGIF poem. :))

    Oh, have a happy day, Barbara!

  4. Barbara! You are such a darling:) I need to join the women's blog directory too! Could you send me the link when you get the chance? Huge hugs!

  5. Thanks guys!!! I'm sooooo glad you all liked the award. I really needed this today!:)

    Marie, will send you the link on Facebook.:)

    Shey, so happy to make you happy.:)

    Out-Numbered, your experiences bring me back to when I had little ones. It's such a treat for me to read your blog.:)

    Pearl, there must be a postcard somewhere of this painting. Maybe in a museum.:)

    Happy Sunday everyone!:)


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