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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poem A Day - Poem for April 9, 2009

Again a very short post to give you my poem for today. Here is the prompt from Poetic Asides with Robert Brewer:

"I want you write a poem about a memory. The memory can be good or bad. The memory can be a blend of several memories. I suppose it could even be a memory that you're not sure you remember correctly...."

A Memory

The night before I ran from my parents’ house in Queens
Ran to you on the F train. Alone after midnight on the

F train to your waiting arms. To your waiting warm body
in the apartment hotel near Central Park

I remember the next evening we walked together along the
horse path under the white and pink blossomed trees and you

Stopped in the middle of the path wearing that secret smile you
have when you know the answer and I have yet to find it.

You reached into your jacket pocket and pulled out a small package,
ring-sized. Then kneeled on one knee on the horse path

At least I think you kneeled. Now you claim you never did, but I’m
sure I saw your knee hit the dark brown soil of the path

Kneeled on one knee and held the open box to me
Inside was a ring. Not the diamond I had hoped for. Your grandmother’s ring.

A pearl surrounded by tiny diamonds. Held out to me
My future opened like an explosion. Shimmering lights bounced from your

hand to my eyes. Your hazel eyes sparkling, turned green by the hand knitted sweater I’d given you. Celebrating your birthday with a walk in the park

When you went down on your knee and I said “Yes” to the question you asked as you took out the ring and slipped it on my finger. I hugged you, my future

to my breast unable to see. Vision blurred by tears of joy springing from my
overfull heart. So much joy I felt I’d burst as we stood clasped in our dreams.
copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu
Thank you to all who have commented and left questions for Katie Hines during her stay as guest author on this blog. Please continue to read the interview and leave comments. We are continuing this through tomorrow.

Until the next time, I hope that you are bringing more poetry into your life during National Poetry Month. Also wanted to say I just joined a new writing group called Discover Writing. It was started by Barry Lane, who has written several excellent books on teaching writing and reading. Thank you Deb for sending me that email.:)

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