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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poem A Day - Poem for April 4, 2009

I'm late tonight in getting this poem posted, because it was hard for me.:) The prompt is about an animal. My animal as you can see is the lion. I feel very strongly about lions, since I was born a Leo and when I turned 40 my entire outlook on life changed. This poem is about that change:

by Barbara Ehrentreu
Sleek body leaping through tall grass
Jaws set, large almond shaped eyes
focused on the prize
Your energy and power forged our bond
on that day
in Fortunoff’s where I saw your image
in gold staring at me through the glass
and knew in an instant we were one.
Jungle rhythm beat in my soul though
mine was not the predator versus prey
existence you must follow

The noble turn of your massive head,
The triangle of your mouth at rest
Deadly claws sheathed in soft white fur
Stately mane surrounding your face
melded into me
Born under Leo I gathered the
strength poured into my body as your
golden image lay on my chest

Jungle noises rang in my ears
The sure reflexes of the lioness
Her easy glide as she trapped her prey
were mine, are mine.
Roaring from the depths of despair
Brilliant light sparkled as I emerged
The lionmother - invincible.
Copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu
One thing before this is ended. An update to the Binghamton story. The police have decided that a lone gun man went into the Community Center with armor and shot all of the people. So there was no connection with that Pakistani Taliban leader at all. I kind of thought he might be doing it for attention. Just as Kim Jung Ill sent a rocket into space and over Japan to let the rest of the world know that his country was just as powerful as the G20 who were still meeting. Just wanted you to know that.:) Read more about it here. In case you didn't read the news at all today. I do that sometimes.

Oh and one more thing. I found the winner of the free book!! She is in my critique group, KidsMuse and I saw her there today and realized it. So "madcapmaggie" is Margaret Fieland who likes to be called Peggy. Congratulations and hope to hear from you soon. Until then thank you to my readers and hope to see some comments or poetry from some of you who are not commenting or sending in your poems. You know who you are.:) Have a great Sunday!!! I want to stay home and rest. It's been a very stressful week and weekend!


  1. Barbara -- Here I am{waves hand. Do let me know if you *didn't* get the email with my snail mail address. Also sent you copies of my first five poems for April.

    PS_ My mother named me Margaret so she could call me Peggy -- go figure...

  2. I figured it out last night:) Glad we found you.:)


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