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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking a Walk in Monet's Garden!

Taken by Pamposh Dar in Claude Monet's garden

As you may or may not know, I am a member of the Women's Blogger Directory. You can see the badge for this on the left sidebar here. I am one of 95 members there and all of us are women! A few days ago Alana, who is the originator of this directory got an award from one of the bloggers. It's called The Sisterhood Award and it is given to bloggers who are women who show gratitude and attitude. Here is a picture of the award. Go to the Women's Blogger Directory to learn more about this award. Congratulations to Alana and also a special kudo for her dedication to organizing women bloggers and connecting us to each other.:)

Now for the blog I am highlighting today. The person who started this blog is a woman who tells us about her travels. She calls it Wandering Pam . Pamposh Dar gives us a detailed look at each of her own travel experiences. She brings us into the problems she has finding a room when she goes to see Monet's garden in Giverney. She has booked a B&B room for herself, but when she gets there the owner double booked so he offers her a room in his own house. Pamposh doesn't care where she will sleep as long as she can see Monet's garden and house.

Her writing brings me back to the afternoon when I saw Monet's paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. The actual garden's photos were there at the exhibit to show how the paintings resembled the garden. I'll never forget the peace I had walking among those paintings even in the middle of all of those people.:)

Pam also writes about her other travels, but this one post captured me completely. I hope you will pay a visit to this unusual and well written blog by the featured blogger of The Women's Blogger Directory. If you are a woman I hope you will decide to become a member of this directory. I also hope that many of my readers will go over to Pamposh's blog and read about all of her travels. I have included the picture of Monet's garden to show you.

I had to look at the date of my last post, because so much has happened since then. In only one day many things have changed. The one thing that everyone must know by now, but which I will update you with here in case you haven't been near any news source in a day, Bernie Madoff is now in a jail cell in New York City!!!! Everyone is asking, though. Where is the money? How can billions of dollars be missing? I'm wondering did he hide it in an offshore Caribbean bank or maybe did he put it in a Swiss bank account and the number is in a safe deposit box? Does his wife know where it is? Obviously she still has some money to live in that penthouse on Central Park West. If you don't know New York City real estate, anything near Central Park runs into the millions to buy. I can't imagine how much the penthouse would cost!!

More Gunfire!!!!
On Tuesday, when the Alabama man was shooting innocent people and then himself, a similar experience happened in Germany. Only the shooter this time was a seventeen year old boy who according to various sources was a graduate of the high school where he went on a rampage. He decided to come back and shoot some of his innocent ex-classmates and then offed himself when the police cornered him. Is this the new way to commit suicide? What is going on? Was this a coincidence? Or has the virus of gun fighting spread throughout the world as American things will do. Think of how denim jeans and Coca Cola, McDonald's, Starbucks - all of these things have spread around the world. Why not guns too? They're easy to get on the internet and obviously there is absolutely no regulation about who can get them in most places. I do know that New York State has gun laws in place. New York City also has some gun laws too. You can't carry a weapon without a license and no weapon can be concealed without a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Even so, gunfighting happens. I have included all of the articles about the shooting for you to read. You will read that this seventeen year old's father had fifteen guns locked away, but he kept a handgun in his bedroom. Conveniently he must have also kept the ammunition too, because the boy had 200 rounds of it with him when he walked into his former high school.

There is no real motive for this shooting yet, but I point out that this father needed to keep all of his guns locked up. This is another situation where the people who are responsible will say "If only we knew how he felt." Maybe if the father had taken time to really connect with his son he would have seen that his depression caused him to feel suicidal and that he was taking his anger out for the years when he had been either ignored or teased by other students by shooting them. It's interesting that it was mainly women teachers and girls who were shot. Did the boy have a mother or was his father bringing him up alone? These are all questions which will be answered as more answers surface.

My Writing Progress
As for my writing, which I have not spoken much about lately, I have been writing on Helium and if anyone wants to see more of my writing in a more organized fashion you can see My Articles there. I have also decided to try to get an agent and I have been talking to another writer friend of mine who gave me an agent's name. I'm also waiting for her to critique my first five pages before I send them to the agent. So it's been a couple of days of waiting. I'm used to that.:) Also I have a couple of lenses on now. One is all about my writing and the other is about my other love, Betty Boop. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Until the next time, thank you to all my new readers and please, please if you have stopped by leave me a comment. I always try to answer all comments as soon as I can. Will talk about movies maybe in the next post, since none of the ones that are coming out have captured me. Though I will probably see "I Love You Man" with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, but I just found out it doesn't come out until March 20. Darn! More about that tomorrow. Have a great weekend.:)


  1. Barbara - How kind of you to feature my story and blog (and my award too!) Thank you.
    Incidentally, I thought of posting pix of Monet's paintings, but I firmly believe his paintings need to be seen full size, preferably from a distance. What a fantastic painter.

  2. Great posting Babs...I can't fight the urge no are dubbed!

  3. Tell me Marilyn, what am I dubbed?:)

  4. Pamposh,
    You are welcome and I truly loved your post. We never got there when we were in France and when I saw the paintings I was so sorry to have missed it. Your post brought me there. Great writing! You deserve the award.:)

  5. barbara,

    Thank you for your kind words about the directory!

    I didn't know you were on helium as I am also, though I don't use it often, I will be sure to check out your articles!

    All the best

  6. Alana,
    Thank you! Yes, I've been on Helium for awhile. Did you know they have a Facebook group? They have Tuesday afternoon discussions that they post and keep up for a couple of days talking about all the Helium rules and ways to do better. I have not made even a dollar yet, but I'm still trying.:)

  7. Hello! Nice post, well written. Beautiful photo too.

    Thanks for stopping by my page and telling me about the names of the flowers. You're very helpful and I appreciate it.

    I looked at your writing link and will browse some more later. I do write at Helium sometimes, mostly poetry. I will look you up there too.

    Take care and have a lovely day!
    Thanks again.


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