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Saturday, March 7, 2009

International Women's Day - 2009

The first International Women's Day
Tomorrow is International Women's Day throughout the world. To commemorate this day I'm asking you to remember all of the awesome women who have helped you in your life. Each year this day has a theme decided by the United Nations who sponsors this pre-spring holiday. This year's theme for the United Nations is very timely:

2009: Women and men united to end violence against women and girls

With all of the reported violence against women this day is a time to contemplate what can be done to stop it all over the world. One example is the horrible rape of a nine year old girl by her stepfather who had abused her for the last three years. Yet the Catholic Church doesn't condemn this, instead they concentrate on the abortion performed on her to save her life and excommunicate the doctors, her and the girl's family for allowing it! This is an example of how women are treated. Violence was done to her for years and all the church can do is get rid of the perpetrator. He should be punished. I mean I actually saw an article that said allegedly raped!!!
I'm sorry, but when a child is six as this one was, this is rape!

So go and do something that will commemorate women tomorrow. There are concerts, lectures, and yes, there are women in your life who don't get enough attention. Try and connect with them tomorrow. Women need to stick together. We are our best hope for a change in this world. Also check out all of the people who have posted today about International Women's Day.

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