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Friday, February 13, 2009

It missed Friday the 13th

At about 10:00 last night I read a small article on AOL news about a plane crash near Buffalo. A plane crashed into a house in Clarence Center, NY and there were 48 people on it. All of them were killed in the crash and a man in the house in which it crashed was also killed. 49 people were killed, probably the worst air crash in Buffalo's history. It was horrible and I felt an instant sadness for so many reasons. The first was that I had lived in Buffalo and this was about 10 miles from Buffalo. The second was that it was such a blow after the beginning of this week when as I showed in my cartoon of the plane landing on the Hudson, it was a blessing that all those people survived, 179 people are now living and having dinner and thinking about what they will do for Valentine's Day. But the 49 people who didn't survive this crash will not be doing any of those things. Unfortunately, they left behind families who will have to mourn their loss. This was a senseless loss, because it happened in such a normal setting.

If any of you have ever taken a commuter plane you know how normal it all is when you do. The flight attendants start serving drinks and in about an hour you are picking up your tray tables and getting ready to land. It's like being on a train or a bus. It is inconceivable that this could have happened. You know what the frightening thing is for me is that I had taken several of those flights from LaGuardia Airport in Queens and not from Newark, N.J. I should probably add that as a third reason I felt a chill down my spine when I read that article. What could have happened? No one knows. They won't know until the place cools down and they can read the different boxes that hold the answers.

What I wonder were the thoughts of the passengers when they realized that they weren't going straight anymore and saw the roof of that house as they plunged straight down from the sky? They didn't have time to send any messages or call. It came so suddenly. I know I'll be interested in knowing the answers myself. 

What I hope is that the news media gives these families some distance until they can comprehend the devastation that has just entered their lives. But it will be a continual presence probably all through the weekend. This is the first of the videos of the crash on YouTube. If you look up Clarence Center plane crash you can find more:

You can see how the fire engulfed the whole place. I wonder how those 2 people who survived did it. Where were they in the house? I think we'll hear all about it tomorrow. 

Have to go now, but wanted to give you a little taste of this horrible tragedy that will be unfolding this weekend. It has done the impossible and pushed the economy out of the news. Happy Friday the 13th. 13 is my lucky number so I am expecting a great day!!

Will continue highlighting more blogs when I get a chance to read more. One good thing is that I am writing more now. I sent my children's picture book story out to a publisher yesterday on a dare. Someone dared me to write a query letter and I did. Also tonight I wrote something for Chicken Soup for the Soul. Yeah for writing more!  Actually there are so many excellent blogs around that it's hard to choose which one to highlight. I am also hoping to start inviting authors here for a stop on their blog tours. That will be exciting. Stay tuned and welcome to my new readers. Please leave a comment about anything.

I wanted to let all the writers know about the great website that Children's Book Insider has put together. 

Visit the Home of the Fightin’ Bookworms!

Go over there and take a look. It has everything a writer needs and it's very user friendly. There are videos and articles and a forum. You'll love it if you're a writer. It has everything for writers in the different stages from beginner to very experienced. 

Until the next time when I hope we will have more answers about this horrible tragic plane crash, have a great, great day!


  1. That was a really horrible tragedy.

    I wish you good luck on your kid's book!

    Thanks for the bookworms website... will give it a look when I have the time.

    Take care.

  2. boboleechronicles,

    I know. Sorry if you couldn't get the link to the video. The person took it off of YouTube.:)

    You're welcome for the bookworms website. Hope you like it. I try to bring people's attention to the good stuff I find.:)



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