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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poems for Days 10 and 11

From clipart - Photo for "The Last Passionate Kiss"

These are this weekend's poems and they are very different. The first one is really a silly one and of course it's meant to parody horror movies. Horror movies are not my favorite genre, so writing horror is difficult for me. That's why I approached it from a humorous angle.

The second one is a fill in the blank after Last. This poem is really a sad goodbye and a realization of the truth. I hope you like both of them, but I think the first poem is more of a throw away.:)

April 10, 2010

Write a horror poem

Attack of the Zombie Writers

They rise silent from secret lairs
Unwritten words cling to decaying bodies,
trail in ink stained tendrils across the screen
They gather in hordes ready to pounce from
all sides like a gang of marauders about to
break into the home of an unlucky victim

in slinky rows their word tendrils
slide like chains
Clink, clink, clink, clink
The sound heard only by insomniac writers
held to their computers by the force of their words

Clink, Clink,Clink,Clink, CLINK, CLINK, CLINK
I hear it, chained to my seat as my fingers continue
their tapping to transfer thoughts into print
Unable to stop yet knowing the hour is late and the
Attack is near

Glued to her seat one innocent writer cannot leave as she
feels the tendrils trailing upon her fingertips and knows their
touch will erase her own words
leave her staring blankly
at the empty screen as the zombie writers slither into her brain and
devour its contents leaving only an empty shell.

Closer and closer they surround her,circle her body
Paralyzed by their instant poison she attempts to escape
The zombies find an opening and slip into her brain
is all that is left of her words/

Beware the attack of the zombie writers.
Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink CLINK, CLINK, CLINK
They could be coming for you!!
copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu

April 11, 2010

The Last-----------------

The Last Passionate Kiss

I can’t remember when or where
you last kissed me with the passion
we knew when we were young and
you gobbled New York in one step
When kisses served as glue as I
held to you as if you were a lifeline

Not knowing at the time abuse and indifference
hid in the creases of those
seductive lips.

When lust leaves, the picnic ends
You might as well pack up your things and
split. For without passion why live with a man?
copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was just as Randy says: "Aw'ight". I lied when I said that we had unpacked the last box. My daughter found another box today and unpacked that. Of course it contained books.:) The living room is almost done if you don't count the pictures waiting to be hung standing against the wall. And of course, we still don't have a dining room table.:)

I've tried to address the problem of the slow loading and I've traced it to a widget that I may decide to get rid of if it keeps giving me that problem.:) I hope that all of you are able to load the page properly. If you can't, please let me know. Anyone on Blog Catalog you can send me a message or if you are on Facebook let me know. it's no good if you can't get here to read what I write.

Until the next time keep writing and thank you all for reading my meanderings. Someone told me today that my life resembled a soap opera. I've thought for a long time that we should be a sitcom family on TV. How was your weekend?

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