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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poems for Day 19

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The prompt for today was Two for Tuesday and you had to write a poem about looking backward and/or one for looking ahead and never looking back. I have been posting my poems on both this blog and on Poetic Asides where Robert Lee Brewer, an excellent poet, gives a prompt each day of April. You can post your poems in the comments there. Robert Lee Brewer has been nominated for Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere and you can go to Blogging to vote for him. Once you read his work and see the extent of what he does I am sure you will see why he qualifies for this honor. The good thing about voting on Blogging is that you don't need to join anything and you can comment too. This is rare for any website these days.

Here are my poems for today:

Taunting shadows

I close my eyes
Your love surrounds me
a pillow against the world
Your chest was my resting place
as your arms encircled me and
held me close. The feelings for you
so strong they propelled me
beyond my comfort zone to you.
Tore me from my parents
onto a subway train at midnight
to flee to your open arms.

We chained ourselves to each other
with our love and now as I look back
I realize the hypnotic state
could not have lasted, yet in my mind
though it had disintegrated years before
I kept myself open to you.

Years ago you were a young
wanderer crazy for adventure who took each
situation in a gulp and carried me toward
places I didn’t want to go with your charm
And I clung to you for you were my glue.
Your hazel eyes on mine were all I needed
Bathed in their warmth my day was complete

I see these shadows from my past haunting me
Taunting me with their truths no longer there
I beat my fists against your invisible wall and
mourn the loss of the radiance of your smile
the circle of your arms as I stand here in the cold
wondering where did those times go.
copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu


Bombard me with your worst
I ricochet trouble as it happens.
Send your bullets flying at me
I won’t flinch
If trouble wants to find me it will
need to strap on its arsenal
My body is soft but inside I am

You underestimate me think my soft
voice and demeanor can be breached
Pummel me with fist of iron
Walk on my fingers
Slam your heel into my gut
with a mystery ailment weakening
my husband day by day
You can’t stop me
My path is plotted and I will see you
at the top with my published book in hand.
Copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Thank you to my faithful readers. I appreciate your continuing to read my crazy meanderings even though we have had technical difficulties. Those are starting to clear up now I hope. Also welcome to any new people. Please leave a comment. I try to respond, but sometimes I just can't. Also, please do not spam me. I hate those codes, but since I did get one spam comment on my last blog, (which I had to delete) I might have to put in security.

On Wednesday, April 21st I am going to be on Red River Writers Book Club with host Fran Lewis. I will be one of the people asking questions of the author for the month, Stephen Tremp, who has written a novel dealing with the idea of worm holes, Breakthrough to Covert. Please tune in to listen at 12PM Central time. Stephen's novel is a non-stop adventure with a spy hero, chase scenes, and fascinating scientific technology simplified for easy reading.

Then on Thursday, April 22nd on my Blog Talk Radio show, Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages, my guests will be Eric Luper and several writers from that wonderful
group Milspeak. There is another anthology that is available now with the writings of these great service people. Eric was the subject of one of my articles. He will be discussing his new book, Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto.


  1. 最敏捷的,未必贏得競賽:最強大的,未必贏得戰爭:時間與機會才是主人..............................

  2. 耶利米
    这是非常正确的。 谢谢您的访问。

    For everyone who doesn't speak Chinese, this was a comment about my poetry and this is what Google translated it as:

    The most agile, and may not win the contest: the most powerful, not necessarily win the war: the time and opportunity is the master


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