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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Books From My Library
Pictured Here

First of all, if you didn't read the comments on the last post you are missing a real treat! For anyone who didn't read the last post, I am giving away a free book to the first six people who commented on the last post. I am also giving away two more books. One for yesterday, Friday, and one for today. So the first two people to comment on this post will each win a book. It's my Chanukah present to everyone who visits and shares with me.:) So if you didn't comment on the last post you have a chance today.

In the comments on the last post everyone had a lot of fun talking about their own holiday experiences. In the process, everyone who commented won a children's book from my collection. If your name is here, please send me an email or notify me on Facebook and provide your home address and the book you have chosen. If there are ties I will have to decide how to break them. I only have one copy of each book.:) I am posting them in alphabetical order by title. You will see there is a wide variety from which to choose. Have fun!!!! Of course, remember it will be first come, first served.:)

Title Author/Illustrator Age Level

1. A House Is a House for Me Mary Ann Hoberman/ Betty Fraser Primary

2. Apples, Apples, Apples Nancy Elizabeth Wallace Primary

3. Dogzilla Dav Pilkey Primary

4. Franklin And the Magic Show Sharon Jennings/Sean Easy Rdr
Jeffrey,Alice Sinkner,
and Shelley Southern
5. Franklin's Music Lessons same

6. Harry Potter: The Tales of J. K. Rowling 8-12
Beedle the Bard

7. The Heretic's Tomb Simon Rose 9-12

8. K is for Kwanzaa Juwanda G. Ford/ Ken Wilson-Max 4-7

9. Kitty Kerplunking Cynthia Reeg/Marina Movshina Primary
(signed by author)

10. Little Bear's Christmas Norbert Landa/Marlis Scharff- Primary

11. Oliver's Must-Do List Susan Taylor Brown/Mary Primary

12. Politically Correct James Finn Garner 12 and up
Bedtime Stories

13. Seven Candles for Kwanzaa Andrea Davis Pinkney/ Primary
Brian Pinkney

14. Spin Control Niki Burnham 12 and up

15. Today Is Monday Eric Carle 3-6
(signed by author)

16. The Travels of Babar Jean De Brunhoff 5-10 +

17. Too Too Many Tutus Suzanne Davis Marion/ 4-9
Marj Hales

18. Welcome Back Snow White Walt Disney Beginning Reader Primary
Fun-To-Read Book Vol.11

All of these books are in excellent condition, except a couple have my name in them. If you choose those I can put something over my name. So as soon as I post this start choosing.

I thought I would share the winners' experiences with everyone.

"My family celebrates Christmas, but also Winter Solstice. At sunset on Solstice we light a candle and keep it burning through the longest night of the year until morning."

"I donate a few hours every holiday to the senior center. I bring cookies, and cards and give to those that don't have anyone. My reward is the smiles on their faces. I really enjoy it."

Interviews, books, and music:
"My Christmas will be filled with visiting our 80 year-old parents."

Penny E.
"I grew up Catholic and my husband grew up Jewish. Our children got to celebrate both holidays as they grew up so they are more aware of the diversity of different cultures. We also have friends who celebrate the Solstice, so we've been fortunate enough to experience that as well"

Constance G.
"Once a week I make soup for 10-12 folks who live here in my senior apt complex. Last week we had matzo ball soup, latkes, kugel-a big hit! I taught the history of Hannukah.
Next week, I'll do a special Christmas soup night with 3 Sisters Soup & apple pecan bread pudding."

Until the next time, thank you to my new readers and to the ones who keep reading. Everyone please remember that next Tuesday is my radio show: Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages. I hope many of you will get a chance to listen. It's going to be a great show with the writers of Milspeak, a group of service people who write, and Sally Drumm the editor of the book Milspeak. Remember, it is aired at 3PM Central Time and the date is Tuesday, December 22nd. Happy Holidays everyone!!! I am so getting into the Holiday spirit this year!!!


  1. We celebrate Xmas at our house. My three kids are big believers in Santa so it's fun. Thank goodness my oldest is a dreamer. It makes it easy to keep the story going.

    I get sad even thinking about the day that they no longer believe.

    Their wonder keeps me young. I need that!!

    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  2. Hi "One of the Guys",
    Thank you for visiting again!

    I know what you mean about magic. I used to read The Night Before Christmas to my daughter every Christmas Eve even though we were Jewish, because she believed in Santa Claus. Every year I would put up a stocking for each child and they had a big present underneath it. We didn't have a tree, but they believed in Santa Claus. Christmas Eve everyone had to be asleep before midnight so Santa would give them a present. I was also sad when she no longer believed.

    I think the magic keeps you believing that anything is possible in life. It keeps alive your hope and helps you to be more open to new possibilities. It's sad that so many people no longer have that in their lives.

    On the bright side you have just won a book for one of your children.:) Send me your address and your choice as soon as possible. You are the first to comment on this post!

  3. Good Morning Barbara!

    Well color me dazed and confused on the free book selection! haha! It was late and I was tired, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! hehe! If understand the book selection as I saw it, the Harry Potter book will be excellent! I saw Dogville that you mentioned and said 'oops', brain freeze!

    I need to read more blogs and get used to the formats and learn how to navigate properly. My husband is partially disabled and I have my plate full most of the time, but I will get there! haha!

    Ok focus here, back to daughter had learned at school from what I call cruel kids just out to burst a fantasy bubble that there was not a Santa; that it was Mom and Dad supplying that little, 'extra' something, and she milked it for a long time haha! They have a saying in TN in that area that goes, "My momma didn't raise any dumb children', and I surely didn't! lol!
    We enjoyed that little ceremony between the 3 of us on Christmas morning, having divided the 2 family traditions; the now ex had Christmas on Christmas morning, because the gifts were hidden until then, and my Mother and her family always had a 'Christmas tree' on Christmas eve night. OMG! Food!! Tons of it! There were 7 brothers and sisters and we all met at one house, and after we ate the kids all waited for 'Santa' to appear. They actually had a suit and someone dressed up every year. When I got up around 8 or 9, I noticed Santa had the most beautiful blue eyes, just like my Uncle Cledis, and recognition was all over my face! He knew I had clued in and gave me 'that look', so I just smiled. Plus I got creative one year and listed thru the vent in my cousin's room and heard "Santa" practicing his HO HO HO's in my uncle's basement hahahaha! I kept it to myself and was so smug being 'in the know' lol! Yes, I was a cheeky little kid!

    We had to wait, and wait, and wait for Santa to get there. It seemed an eternity after dinner before we would all gather in the living room where everyone's gifts were under the true; a veritable mountain of bows, ribbon, beautiful papers of a multitude of designs! You could never pick a favorite!

    That was started by my Grandfather Haney, and continued as long as possible. The family still living in town gets together, but the family has grown until one house won't hold them, and I lost an aunt and uncle.
    Some like me have moved out of town or out of state. It makes me very sad, and I don't get to visit much.

    Christmas at the beach is a whole other 'animal'! My now husband's traditions vary greatly from what mine were. If you want to know more about that, just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to share! I miss my hometown, the trees, hills, and hollows, and most of all my aunts and uncles that are left and my cousins. We all watched each other grow up, but the next generation I have missed, because my mother divorced, remarried, and we moved to 3 different states in a couple of years.

    Thanks for letting me ramble about Christmases gone by!

    Have a very wonderful Holiday season!

    Pat Carleson

  4. Barbara, my husband to tell you that at the beach we have "Sandy" Clause! hahaha! And we worry about what Neptune will bring on his sleigh! LOL!

    He raised 5 children and used to go out into the oyster beds and harvest for $5 a box so that his kids would have goodies under the tree. That is back breaking work; he pays for it now with his back.

    Just had to share his thoughts haha!

  5. Pat!
    Thank you so much for sharing your holiday traditions!! I really enjoyed learning about your family's celebrations and I love that your uncles used to play Santa. Being Jewish I never went through anything like that, but we did celebrate Chanukah and when my children started fighting over who got the better gift every night I decided on a grab bag for them. I placed a toy each for every night of Chanukah, all 8 of them in a giant black plastic bag. Each daughter would reach in and get a toy marked for her. It made for much less fighting. LOL.

    I will send you the J.K. Rowling book today. Enjoy your holidays this year at the beach.:)

  6. Hi Barbara! I just wanted to let you know that Dogzilla arrived on Monday. It was fun looking back through it - it's been a long time.

    Thanks for having the contest!

  7. Interviews, books and music,
    So happy to hear you got your book. You should have gotten it on Thursday, but Christmas mail is always slow. Also happy you are enjoying it.:)

    Have a very Happy New Year!!!!


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