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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joining Blogs and Meeting New People

Tonight I spent practically the whole time joining blogs on the Facebook network of blogs. While I was going around and checking out all of these different blogs I met a lot of new people and learned a few new things. I realize it wasn't exactly the brightest thing to try to join as many as I could in a night, but it was fun!

One thing I learned was about ketchup. Who knew that ketchup was invented by the Chinese? Come to think of it, what wasn't invented by the Chinese?:) But this ketchup wasn't anything like the one we have today. By the Middle Ages it had evolved into a little different mixture, but it wouldn't be what you want to put on your hamburger or french fries today. Check it out on Marie's blog:

So this is probably a good time to welcome all my new readers. It's because of you that I decided to post tonight. I should be sleeping. Although some people probably get up at this time.:) Writers get used to being alone at night. It's cozy and no one bothers you. I did a lot of my serious writing at night and still do. I leave the TV on so it won't be so creepy and quiet, because being a writer I have a weird imagination and any little noise will make me jump. At least with the TV it's like white noise. This has nothing to do with anything, but when my daughter was studying for LSAT's the study guide recommended that she study with some kind of noise in the background. It actually helps you to focus on what you are studying. 

I'll try to highlight at least one of the blogs a day so you each get a turn. Marie's is really amazing and I hope you'll check it out. She has all of these old fashioned postcards and she gives their history. Quite remarkable, I think. I love those old fashioned pictures of cherubic little girls for valentines. So I'm looking forward to seeing what she'll be showing around that time. Come to think of it that is only a few weeks away.:)

I got some great comments on my YA novel, IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR, today from someone who read it for me. She's an author, so that's really great to hear. I've been working on this book for over five years and I'll bet at least thirty people have read it at one time or another. I think I told you that it's out to a publisher now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Leave a comment if you want to know what it's about or check out earlier posts. I think I said something about it in one of them. See how organized I am.:) But this kind of feedback gave me such joy! You always want people who read your books to understand what you're trying to say and enjoy the story. But when a reader just "gets" what you are writing that is the best! You then know that the story is in the best possible form it can be. Hey, it only took five years!:)

Now onto another important thing that happened yesterday. The ALA, American Library Association, came out with their awards yesterday. They're the ones who do the Newbery's and other important literary awards. I am very happy to say that two of my Facebook friends won awards. One is Kathi Appelt, who won an Honor Newbery for her book, "The Underneath", and Laurie Halse Anderson, who won the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime achievement in writing for young adults. I have read her first novel, "Speak" and she certainly deserves this award. Check out all of the winners here:

There's been a lot of talk about the Newbery Award books and how maybe kids shouldn't be reading them in the earlier grades. Many of the earlier Newberys were given to very literary novels that don't ring a bell with kids today. Some teachers felt that last year's winner did not fit the reading level for some kids. It's a running discussion and I would love to know what anyone thinks about children reading Newbery books on their own. My feeling is that yes, the books should be taught, but maybe there needs to be a lot more teacher direction and oral reading both to and by the kids. Now on the other hand, one of my friends and fellow writing group member, Cynthia Lord won the Honor Newbery and several other prestigious awards for her novel, "Rules". This book does have a twelve year old character and is written in clear and direct fashion.

Well that's about it for now. I'll highlight another person's blog tomorrow.


  1. Nice blog, Barbara. Thanks for taking the time to come by. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. I love the Newberry Medal books! when i first moved to america i turned page by page. i remember afternoon of the elves so well, as if i myself wrote it. these books taught me english. it's so weird that some of your friends got awards. talent!

  3. Hi Barbara, I'm the same about writing at night. I'm up until 3-4am, still buzzing away. Like you, I need the TV on or the brain starts conjuring up all manner of things at every little sound.

  4. Thanks, Paula! Same here. So much fun to meet new people.:)

  5. Gadi,
    That is so wonderful to hear! I haven't read your blog yet, but I'm going to soon. Just too many to read.LOL Thank you for coming by.

    I know a lot of writers and some of them are very talented. But it's also a lot of hard work and perseverance.:)

  6. Hi Gina,
    What happens is that the earlier part of the evening is usually spent cooking, etc and then spending time with my family watching TV and talking. In the daytime unless I'm really getting the muse I don't write. So it's the early morning hours that I love.

    Right after I wrote my comments last night on my blog, something in my kitchen just fell for no reason and that kind of freaked me out! I didn't investigate.LOL

  7. Hi Barbara,

    I think that its a great thing for you to connect with all those bloggers in one night. Instant friends! I loved this post and will be sure to tell all of my literary buddies about your blog. I'm looking forward to coming bakc again when I have more time to read more of your posts. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Ann Marie,
    Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my crazy meandering prose. I loved visiting your blog and seeing all the jewelry. I'm going to have to add some photos soon. Going to everyone's blogs has helped me see what I can add to mine.

    Sure tell all your literary friends. I love to meet more writers.

  9. Hi Barbara...I like your blog! I found you on Facebook. I am so enjoying meeting fellow bloggers too. I am just having so much fun!

    If you'd like to check out my blog it's:

    I'm going to follow you too, if you'd like to follow me!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Actually, I'm following you on the Facebook Blog Network App. I don't see a place on your blog to follow you...let me know if there is a way - thanks!

  11. JenReg,
    I just came back here for a minute and saw your comment. I didn't know you had commented and a whole month has gone by. So, so sorry!!! Thank you.

    You can follow me on I'll let you know. I'll post a comment on the facebook app.



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