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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Haven't posted much, because from Sunday to now I've been really busy. But I can't really explain what made me busy. It's more updating computer things and answering email. I should be writing more but haven't really been doing that. 

One thing I want to tell you about is a new video blog from Nikki Strong. She's done two posts and she is funny and cute. She's on Facebook so if you're there go check her out. I think you will probably have to be her friend to do it. I'll try to share it here if I can. She is great! Go to my Profile page on Facebook:

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed about my sub out to Boyds Mills Press. Anyone who sees this please keep your fingers crossed for me. It's been five years of revising and getting it ready and if they don't want it, then I'll send it somewhere else. I am determined to get it published.

I need to read the novel I wrote for NaNo. I have a lot of research to do for it so it will not look so lame when you read it. But that will take so long and I don't know when to do it. So much to think about and it's so ridiculous to do it. Am I raving? Yes I am...

Anyway, writing needs to be more of a priority for me. I wind up doing everything else but writing. Except when my sub needs to be there and then I'm writing my chapter and getting it sent to my critique group. That reminds me that I got back most of the comments on this last chapter and still need to write the party scene. I have recorded My Sweet 16 to see what kids are doing. I'm shocked at the themes they have. But I'll have to choose one of the themes for Amber's Party.

Counting the days until the Obama Inauguration. It's starting to sink in that we are actually going to have a president who is not such a dick. LOL. Seriously, I am hoping that Obama is going to change things for the better. I'd like to believe that after eight years of things sucking that we are going to be better off in this country. I signed up on Facebook for the inauguration feed from CNN. I'll be watching it on TV as much as I can. We wanted to go to Washington, DC for it, but it's going to be chaos there. I was there for a demonstration and I know how crazy it can get there. But still, watching it on TV will be just as good on HD.:)

One thing I wanted to say is how wonderful it is to know so many writers who are friends of my friends. I am hoping that I will be learning more and more about you as we get to know each other.

Everyone stay warm.  Many of us are in freezing and below freezing temps now. We're going to have snow again!! More tomorrow.

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