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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome, Guest Author Heather Greenis

Before I begin the post for today, I want to address the tragic aftermath of the tornado that hit Moore, OK this week. I am so sad that once again innocent children lost their lives. My heart goes out to the parents of these children and to all the people in that area who lost loved ones and/or property. Having gone through a devastating experience I know a little of what you are feeling. I will be with you as you sort through your belongings to find the valuables you lost. Remember it's only things and that people are the most important of all. 

I am very happy to have Heather Greenis visiting today. She is another Muse author and you know how I love to showcase my publisher's authors.:) She has written Natasha's Dream, which will be released in June. Sorry it doesn't have a cover yet.

Welcome, Heather and please make yourself at home. I'd like to ask you a few questions, which I do for all the first time guest authors so my readers can get to know you.

  1. Please tell my readers a little about yourself. Where you were born, grew up and live now. 
        A Canadian I was born in Ontario and have lived in the province my entire life, mostly in fairly small towns. Right now, I live in the country on just over an acre of property. No domestic critters other than our dog. We don't farm.  I love it.   
    2. Why did you decide to become a writer?
Writing was my husband's idea.  I have strange dreams and remember them in detail, much like one of my characters, Keeghan.  He suggested I write about a dream.  

    3. Where did you get the idea to write the Natasha’s Dream and why did you make it a series?
A dream inspired Natasha's Dream, at least the end of it.  My imagination took over and I began writing. 
        I finished the first section and my husband read it.  His comment was "and... you can't leave it there.  I kept writing. Natasha's Dream began as a single book but it was too long so I decided to split it. 

    4. Is Natasha’s Dream your first published book? How long did it take you to get it published
Yes. This is my first book. How crazy is that.  My first attempt and I decide to do a four part series.
I wrote, rewrote, had a few people read it and rewrote again. Finally, ten years later I was pleased with my effort  and sent my manuscript, the first only, to three publishers.  Nine month later, MuseitUp emailed me.  Woohoo!

    5. In the story the woman is working in an orphanage. Do you have any experience working with orphans?
Short answer is no.  
        I have volunteered with charities my entire adult life.  I was a Big Sister for a few years and volunteered on the board. I currently manage a curling league for children aged 6-16. Last year we had 30 kids and 4 instructors.  I enjoy working with them. Recently, I became involved with the Healing Cycle. (Hospice Palliative Care) These types of organizations didn't exist in the time frame of my story, but orphanages did.  I don't attempt to write about the psyche of the orphanage kids because I can't, but an orphanage is the background of my story.  A young woman of wealth exposing herself, her heart and soul to the underprivileged. The emotional bond of being there for the young, impressionable children.
       I had a career in finance.  10 years were spent at a desk assisting clients with investments and lending.  Not if, but when the computer was slow, I had ample opportunity to talk, really talk to clients and I took full advantage of the opportunity. I encourage and swayed the conversation toward their lives and experiences. The inspiration!  Yes, A couple of my clients spent time in orphanages. We had a good chat about their experiences.
    6. Would you please lead us through a typical writing day for you?
Typical!  Hum.  I wish I could say I get up and think to myself I'm writing x many words today. Doesn't happen. In the winter, I curl 3 to 4 times a week. I play with the dog, and take her for walks. During the summer, I work (putter)  in the garden. life inspires me for a scene.  I write it. Or, I think about a scene I've written and think, it would be better if this happened, or if it happened this way and I rewrite it.  I guess that's why it took me 10 years with Natasha's Dream.  Trying to get the darn thing right.

    7. Do you have more books planned for this series? When can we expect the second book?
The entire series was written before I submitted the first.  Once I received my congratulations email, I assumed MuseitUP would want to see sales before considering the second book.  I was wrong.  In a perfect world, all four will be published by June 2014.  
Natasha's Dream - June 21 2013
Natasha's Diary - Decemeber 2013
Natasha's Hope - submitted with fingers crossed
Natasha's Legacy - in my final stages of editing before submitting. 

    8. What is your favorite book and author? Why?
Favourite.  That's a tough one. I don't really have one.  I loved Secret Daughter and The Kite Runner, both set in countries I know little about.  I loved The Shack. Another good emotional drama. All these books made me cry.
I enjoy a good suspense.  MuseitUp has some great authors for this genre. 
I'm currently reading Through Gypsy Eyes. She has me chuckling at times. I'm enjoying it.

 9. Besides the Natasha’s Dream series, do you have any WIP’s?
I have another book in progress but it's in early stages.  No one has read it...yet. It doesn't even has a title. In my mind, no rush.  I have one book to market and three books to publish, edit, market and launch.

Now that we know a little more about you, let's learn about your book, Natasha's Dream:

Fifteen difficult years and then a chance encounter that changed life as she knew it. Gave her a reason and hope to dream. Alone and seeking refuge, an orphanage becomes her only salvation for those dreadful weekdays. The only thing that gave her life a purpose. Ironic the underprivileged giving such pleasure to a girl born into such privilege.   A secret life. The truth hidden from everyone. It was imperative she keep her secret. What would he do when he found out? How many lives would be affected? Father’s approval was all she needed, but was that possible or simply a dream? Natasha’s Dream

Natasha’s face flushed, realizing she’d been seen. 
“I am terribly sorry. I have embarrassed you again.” 
Natasha folded her hands and placed them on her lap as she fought to regain her composure. 
“You have me intrigued. You must tell me about your experiences at school.” 
Stewart smiled and began to speak. To Natasha’s delight, she found herself enthralled by the sound of his voice and captivated as his eyes sparkled. He was witty and blunt. Natasha chuckled as she listened to his stories, a refreshing change from the conversations with her parents and brothers, or even Nanny. Unable to recall a more enjoyable time, she laughed to the point of tears, breathless and almost embarrassed by some of his comments. Not only was Stewart handsome, he was intelligent. As he spoke of yet another event at school, her stomach rumbled. There was no question, it was a loud rumble. Embarrassed, she giggled. 
“Oh, dear.” 
“Dear, oh dear, indeed,” he responded, raising an eyebrow. 
“Obviously I’ve lost track of the hour. I must return home this minute.” 
“Will I see you tomorrow?” he asked in a serious tone. “We could meet here.” 
“I shall try.” 
“I shall look forward to it.” 
Natasha stood and walked toward her home. Once she was certain Stewart could not see her, she began to jog, frantic Nanny might have missed her. 
That night, after Nanny reviewed her assignments, Natasha removed her personal notebook from her wardrobe. After writing the date below the previous entry, she began: 
Dear Diary, 
I met a handsome, intelligent man today with remarkable blue eyes… 

A review
Many aspects of Natasha’s Dream are appealing to the reader. I especially enjoyed the concept of a dream (defined as a goal, an objective) within a dream (defined as the places your brain or subconscious takes you when you sleep). The author keeps you “grounded” by reconnecting to present day characters periodically, but also keeps the intrigue or mystery going to establish the reason for the connection. I found the principal characters were credible and well presented, and that you can easily share the emotions they are experiencing. Full marks for character development. As the first book of a four-part saga, Heather has without doubt grabbed your interest to want to read the next book, with an ending that will shock you. I’m waiting (impatiently)for the next one.

A second review

First of all I have to say I HATED the ending. Why? Well, I wanted more of course! I started reading the 1st book one morning and for the first time since I read The Hunger Games I made my poor husband eat microwaved leftovers for lunch because I couldn’t bear to put the book down long enough to make him a proper farmer’s lunch. Sorry hubby it is all Heather’s fault. I got bogged down a little with the present day parts of the story but I can see those parts will be crucial to the next books in the series which I can’t wait to read. Also dying to find out just who Alexander is and answer all the other questions that have been left to brew in my mind. Eagerly awaiting book 2. Well done Heather, for sure a 5 star read.

the link 

Thank you so much for visiting today, Heather. I can't wait to see the cover and I hope you will come back and share your second book in the series with us. 

Until the next time, my next guest author will be Sarah-Jane Lehoux on May 30. 

In my personal life, there is great news. My daughter just got a job after giving up her old one in April. We are thrilled and I am so proud of her. I hope she will be happier now that she is doing what she wants to do. When she gave up her job we worried that it was might be the wrong move leaving a company after working there six years. However, she has such great skills she was able to get a job in so short a time. Does this mean the economy is picking up? Maybe. For all of you who are still looking for work I am with you in spirit and hope that you will get one soon!! I have been there and I know what it feels like to be unemployed. Being retired is not the same, since no one expects you to work. However, being retired requires that you do work unless you have set aside the funds, which we did not.:) 

On the writing side I am now going back to my story and rewriting, because my daughter read it and she brought up some points about the story that I had missed. So back to the proverbial drawing board for a little overhauling and then it should be ready to go in less than a month. I hope.:) 


  1. Hi Barbara - Thanks for hosting me. Very exciting time for me with my first novel launching within the month and the second launching in December. Can't wait to hear from the cover artist. - Heather G

  2. Nice interview! You sound like a neat person, Heather :) Best of luck with your books!



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