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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Goddess of Blogging Previews If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor!

Nancy Bell, author of Laurel's Miracle

How many of you remember The Price Is Right? Bob Barker stood on the stage and called names. He said, ".........Come on down." So when I saw this subject line: BARBARA EHRENTREU COME ON DOWN, I was expecting to be part of a game show. Instead I found this beautiful blog post dedicated to my upcoming book, which for those of you who are just meeting me, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor is the name of my soon to be published YA novel. Lin transformed the time that might have happened before the story begins into a picture trailer that captures the sheer angst of my character and even gave me a little more knowledge of who my character is. So please go over to Lin's Own Book Lounge and see for yourself. She is truly THE GODDESS OF BLOGGING!

Thank you, Lin for such an outstanding stationary book trailer.

I was supposed to have Nancy Bell on the blog yesterday, but due to problems with my husband and his ever unfolding health dilemmas I haven't been able to get that posted. I promise it will be here by tomorrow. She is definitely worth waiting for and you should enjoy her interview very much! You can see her photo at the top of this post.

My husband will be having an angiogram next week on his legs to determine his circulation and if he has any blockages. He is miserable, because he can't work and of course that means losing money for a lawyer. He has had to move his cases and I am the one who has to do all the faxing and typing of his affirmation letters. Plus, this is the end of tutoring for the year and I have to figure out the cheapest way to ship the workbooks to my boss.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow. So have a good weekend and then come back to read Nancy Bell's interview. I promise you won't be sorry you did.:)


  1. Hi Barbara... Everyone who reads this blog or knows Barbara and of her character " Carolyn Samuels" needs to fly to Lin's blog for some fun that will leave you smiling and eager to read the upcoming book....IF I COULD BE LIKE JENNIFER TAYLOR :). Here's whst I posted to give you a taste of what awaits. CONGRATS "BABS" <3. (maybe hubby will get a little laugh from Lin's creation)

    Dear Lin... What a delightful way to post, introduce and potentially market a delightful book. Yes, that is it...delightful expression of a delightful novel. Kudos to you! Fresh and adorable - captures the character's have created the mini- film! ;). Or at very least the story board to pitch!

  2. Hope your husband does well Barbara. You would think that tutoring would continue through the summer (if you chose to) when kids might lose what they've learned through the year. Anyway, will catch you later.

  3. Pearl, thank you so much for your enthusiastic comment and I am going to send it to Lin. I know you would like her too!! Hearts don't post here, but my heart is there for you!!!

  4. Thank you Barbara, Pearl and everyone else who daily makes me glad to do these little flights of my fancy around the incredible stories my fellow Muse family members create.

    I could not ask to have landed anywhere better than at Muse with Barbara, Lea, Litsa, Delilah, Karen, and my all too many to name at one given time Muse Family.

    I thank YOU for giving me stories that inspire Nudge, my little inner muse, to reach for the stars and create another galaxy to circle around the Novas you give to the world.

    And Barbara, thank you for sharing this with me today, between your review of MY story and this, I am truly feeling the world has settled in on its axis and is moving in the right direction again. I LOVE MUSE!

  5. Lin,
    My heart is bursting with joy at knowing everyone here at Muse:) But you are special and have a gift that helps transcend the prose we write! Thank you and I'm glad you are cheered up:)

  6. Hey Barbara,
    Will look forward to seeing Nancy on your blog but enjoyed your post on your story today. The title is so perfect, just what kids think...if they're like someone else, life would be perfect. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. thanks for sharing. Loved Lin's blog!

  7. Charlie, thank you and I'm excited about having Namcy here too! Real life interfered with getting her here, but it will be soon.:)

    So happy you like my title. Some have told me it was too long and I might have to change it. But everyone here loved it here! Another reason to love the Muse:)

  8. Boy I swore I commented on this. Must have been one that wouldn't let me. I'm trying again. This sounds like a delightful book. I remember thinking taht when I was in school. Okay, not Jennifer Taylor, but there were a few I envied.

  9. Roseanne. so happy you came back to comment! This is a thought I had a lot when I was my character's age:)But unlike my character I wasn't as proactive.:) I actually love her spirit:)


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