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Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Update on My Life

I just realized I haven't posted since the middle of April. There is a very good reason for this. When my husband came back from the hospital he needed a lot of help. He had surgery on the area near his Achilles tendon and there is something called a wound vac attached to him now with a tube coming from the wound into the machine. When he first got home we had a lot of problems with this. He needed to gain back his strength too. So every little action required me to help him. We had people coming to the house for my husband - the nurse to change his bandage every other day, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. Also I had to be his chauffeur and drive him everywhere including to work in NYC and Queens and to the doctor. I couldn't really think much and so had to give up writing poetry for April. Sad as I was my family had to come first. So for the first time in three years I did not finish the April Poem a Day. Now my husband is feeling better and I have a little more time for myself. His leg is healing due to the miracle of modern medicines and the care his doctors have taken with him.

So today I had a little time when I wasn't too tired either. So I wanted to update everyone on what is happening with me and my husband. Today we learned everything is good and he is almost normal. I am happy for him and hopefully my life will go back to normal so I can write again. Meanwhile, I am doing a few things for me.:)

Though I didn't write anything here, I wrote a few blog posts on other blogs including The Muse Blog. I became an avatar on Karen's Chaise Lounge with Carolyn Samuels, the main character of my forthcoming YA novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor. Just yesterday, I interviewed my character on Amy McCorkle's blog.

Then I came over here and saw though I hadn't posted at all I had two more followers. I felt it was necessary to come back and write a new post showing you all what I have been doing. As it gets closer to the publication date I will be on more and more blogs. In the coming weeks I will be having more guest authors, mostly from MuseItUp Publishing, coming on here and talking about their own coming books. I still don't have a cover, but I found a great countdown and put it on the sideline. Of course, due to the shape of my blog, the seconds box is a little obstructed. But I thought it was a cool thing to have so I could keep track of how much time is actually left.
I am also setting up a blog tour for that time. Anyone who would like to have me on your blog, please leave me a comment.

Coming in the following weeks are: Jo Linsdell-Feliciani, making a repeat visit. Her post was probably the most popular of the year.Then Beth Reinke, whose book, Carla's Cloud Catastrophe, I edited. On my May Blog Talk Radio Show, RRWL Tales from the Pages on Thursday, May 26th at 3PM Central Time, 4PM EST, my guests are Dellani Oakes and Ginger Simpson. Dellani has her own radio show and I was a guest on there recently.

Until the next time welcome to my new followers and thank you to my loyal followers who continue to find my meanderings interesting. In the following weeks you are going to be meeting a great many new authors and I am excited to be hosting them.

One more thing before I end this post. MuseItUp Publishing has started having a Special for the Week at the Bookstore. Go and check it out. Maybe you will find a bargain.:)

Also I will be participating in the Muse Blog Conference giving a workshop on character development. I will tell you more in the coming weeks. My workshop will be on June 2nd on the Muse Blog. It is FREE. You need to register, though. Send an email to:

Place MUSE BLOG CONFERENCE on the subject heading and your name and email address within the body of your post. Why? Because those that register and participate get a chance to win one of several ebooks we'll be offering throughout the month.

FOR READERS: Every day beginning on June 1st at noon, I'll post the Featured 99cent E-book of the day for purchase. An incredible discount just for our readers for participating and supporting our Blog Conference.

Each Muse Blog Conference workshop will run for one day, where attendees are invited to post their questions, and/or exercises the presenters will be posting during their daily workshops.

You can come to as many workshops as you like, because they will be on different days. Go over and read all about this unique conference. Hope to see a lot of you there.:)

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