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Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Beth Reinke Guest Author

Here's how I know Beth Reinke. I became an apprentice editor for 4RV Publishing and my first manuscript to edit was Beth's Carla's Cloud Catastrophe. It had a different title then. I found Beth to be a very amenable author and though we did have our differences (it happens) we were able to resolve them easily.

I enjoyed working with Beth and after our experience we kept in touch. I think you will find out why I enjoyed her so much when you learn more about her.

Since there are a lot of things happening in Beth's life this weekend we decided to break up her interview into several parts. Because of her real life issues Beth will be popping in to answer your questions and comments throughout the weekend and through Wednesday. So please leave your comments and questions.

An added bonus is Beth is giving away an ARC of Carla's Cloud Catastrophe to the lucky person who wins the comment drawing. There is only one thing you should know. Unfortunately, she has limited this to people who are in the United States. due to postage issues. Maybe we can find another equally wonderful prize for someone that can be sent electronically if you are not in the US.:)

Part I - Interview with Beth Reinke, children's picture book writer

Barbara: The three children’s books that are published from 4RV Publishing are: In My Bath, A Wish and a Prayer, and Carla’s Cloud Catastrophe. Please tell us a little bit about each one.

Beth: In My Bath is a splish-splashy story for ages 2-6. Toddlers and preschoolers love to snuggle in at bedtime and read about the little boy with his imaginary animal friends in the bathtub. The book also works great for story time at the library or preschool because it can be interactive. Kids can act out what each animal is doing in the tub and search for the yellow ducky on almost every page.

In A Wish and a Prayer, Jason loses his parakeet, Sonny, when he flies out the window. Jason and his friends spend a week wishing on all kinds of things, hoping their wishes will bring Sonny back home. Then one night during a thunderstorm, Jason discovers the truth about wishing and tries something better.
Carla’s Cloud Catastrophe is funny and silly, and kids can relate to Carla’s personal predicament. A weather problem has shut down her town and is making her late for her own birthday party! This book is for ages 4-8 and releases in June 2011. (Folks, Barbara is too modest to tell you, but she was my editor for this book. And she did a great job!)

Barbara: Actually, Beth I did tell them right away, but thank you!! (You can't see it, but I'm blushing. Thank goodness this is a blog and not TV.:) )

Barbara: Which of the three books is your favorite and why?

Beth: Boy, that’s a tough question. The books are so different from each other, but each brings something fun or meaningful to the reader.

I think my favorite of the three is A Wish and a Prayer because it is a story with an important message. Every child can relate to losing something precious and wanting to find it. As Jason tries to get his parakeet back, he discovers the truth about wishing on inanimate objects versus praying to God. My goal in writing this book was to share my faith by helping kids understand that only God can meet our needs and satisfy our deepest longings.

I often hear people say that children’s books should not have a moral message, but I have a different perspective. As adults, we have a responsibility to share what we have learned about life with our children. If we can do that through a compelling, satisfying story, why not do it?

Barbara: Are you planning to put out ebook versions of your children’s books?

Beth: 4RV Publishing will release ebooks of In My Bath and A Wish and a Prayer in the near future. They will be available for Kindle, Nook and Nook Color.

Barbara: You are a registered dietitian and write for magazines such as ParentLife and Hallmark Magazine. How did you start writing children’s fiction?

Beth: When my boys were born, I stopped working as a pediatric dietitian and became a stay-at-home mom. I took two classes from the Institute of Children’s Literature when the kids were small. My first publications were stories, articles and crafts in children’s magazines such as Boys’ Quest, Wee Ones and Discovery Trails.

When I started writing fairly regularly for Kid Zone magazine, the idea of assignments appealed to me, instead of subbing and waiting. I liked e-mailing an editor and asking, “Want me to write an article about such-and-such?” and her saying, “Yes, write it!” That’s when I began to query adult and parenting magazines and get regular gigs. I love writing pediatric nutrition pieces for ParentLife because it combines nutrition, kids and writing, three of my favorite things.

Barbara: In your bio it also says you have written devotional books especially for women. Please tell everyone about them.

Beth: I wrote two titles in the “Devotions to Go” series from Extreme Diva Media, the women’s division of See Media. These are pocket-sized, month-long devotional books for women on various topics, written by different authors. My two books are about fruit and stock car racing: Fruit Lovers’ DTG and Race Fans’ DTG. Fruit Lovers’ released in May 2011 in paperback and ebook formats. Race Fans’ is scheduled for June 2011 release.

You can read details about my devotional books here on my website. To see all 27 books in the “Devotions to Go” series, visit the publisher’s online bookstore.

Barbara, it’s been wonderful to talk with you on your blog today - thank you so much for having me. I love visiting with friends and their readers.

I loved having you here and look forward to speaking with you on my June show of RRWL Tales from the Pages on the 4th Thursday, June 23rd at 3PM Central time and 4PM EST.
Everyone please mark this down on your calendar.

In the coming weeks I will be hosting many new authors and it should be a lot of fun. Many of these authors have books published by MuseItUp Publishing, my publisher. Or they are awaiting publication of their books. I hope to be featuring as many Muse writers as I can to show everyone the talent and creativity we have here at Muse.

Also I would like to mention on June 2nd MuseItUp Publishing will be having it's 1st Muse Blog Conference on the Muse Blog. I will be doing a workshop on character development,Developing Characters- How Do I Make My Characters Unique?

Please go to The Muse Conference Blog to sign up. It's free and like the Muse Online Conference you can come as you are.:) I hope to see a lot of you there. I will be reminding you up until the day of the conference.:)

Until the next time, thank you to all of you. The situation in real life has kept me from posting as much as I would like to, but this is changing and you are going to be meeting so many new authors and adding to your TBR (To Be Read) lists every week.:)

Next week my guest on RRWL Tales from the Pages will be Ginger Simpson and she is so special she will be my only guest. Please tune in on Thursday, May 26th at 3PM Central to learn all about this Queen of Muse. I will be posting the link as soon as the program is posted.


  1. Interesting interview. I enjoyed reading more about Beth.

    Congratulations, Beth, on you new book. Your other books are so lovely, and I look forward to readin the next one.

    Have a nice weekend, ladies.

  2. The ebooks are slowing processing and should be ready to be ordered by Monday, Tuesday at the latest, on both Nook and Kindle.


  3. Barbara, thank you for hosting me today. It's especially gracious of you, considering how busy both of our lives have been lately. You are a gem!

    I can't wait to see which of your readers wins the ARC of Carla's Cloud Catastrophe. :o)

  4. Hello Barbara and Beth,
    I enjoyed this interview and want to congratulate Beth on publishing so many worthwhile title.

  5. Beth's newest book sounds really cute. I was wondering if a real life event or strange weather situation was the idea behind this book?

  6. Thank you all for visiting.

    Beth, thank you for being such a wonderful guest author! I appreciate all you have done.

  7. Thank you Beverly and Barbara B. for your kind words. Glad for the update on the ebooks, too, Vivian. :o)

    Susanne, the idea for this book actually came from something my younger son asked me when he was preschool age. I mulled it over in my mind and Carla's Cloud Catastrophe was born. Kids come up with the funniest questions sometimes!

    Thank you all for visiting Barbara's blog today.

  8. What a beautiful interview...Barbara, you know how lovely I know you to be, Beth seems so much like you. Sweet natured and passionate about the work she does. I have grandbabies so I might just have to check out Ms. Reinke's work. The warmth of the author would certainly permeate within the pages of the books, what more could a grandmother ask for?

  9. Karen, it would be an honor to have your grandbabies read my books. And by your kind comments, it seems to me that YOU are the sweet-natured one. :o)

  10. Karen, thank you so much for visiting and for the beautiful words about me and Beth. You can tell when you read her words that she cares about people. You are so sweet and I think if you have young grandchildren In My Bath would be perfect for them. I love Carla's Cloud Catastrophe for an older child, but the pictures are so cute! Really, I think you would like Beth very much. She is the same caring, sweet person I know you to be!!!

  11. I would have loved having your books for my classroom when I was teaching. The interactive capabilities especially. I worked with children born with Down Syndrome. Part of my job as their teacher was to get them involved in their learning. Holding their attention was always a challenge, but they loved books they could act out with me.

    Barbara, thank you for sharing your friend with us. And I really hope I win your book. I have a five year old and four year old grand niece and a two going on three year of grand-nephew.

  12. Wonderful interview. Beth, your books sound great. Writing for magazines is something I will shoot for one of these days. And, writing on assignment is always better than creating a piece and hope it finds a home.

  13. Lin, I wish you would have had the books for your classroom, too. But you can have fun reading to your grandnieces and grandnephew now. :o)

    Karen, give magazine writing a try!

    Thank you both so much for stopping by and for your kind words about my books.

  14. I always love reading Beth's interviews. Can't wait for the newest book. My kids love the first two.

  15. Carla's Cloud Catastrophe is a fun book, and I make a cameo appearance.

    Won't be long before it will be released.


  16. Nikki, so glad you popped in to read. I hope your boys will still like this book, even though it has a GIRL protagonist! LOL

    Vivian, that's right - you're in the book! And a wonderful likeness it is and in an appropriate location, too. ;o)

  17. What an adorable idea for a book! Thanks for interviewing Ms. Reinke Barbara. I've enjoyed reading all the questions and answers. Are there any other children's titles that I can be looking for from Beth?? Thanks again for a great interview!!

  18. I enjoyed reading the interview also! I have all 3 of Beth's children's books and I just ordered her new Woman's Devotional. It is my personal goal to purchase every book Beth Reinke publishes! I am looking forward to Carla's Cloud Catastrophe. I love reading to my nephews --- and I have a niece on the way. God is so good!

  19. Lin, I also hope you win the book for one of your grandneices or nephews. I actually love it!! It's so whimsical and has such a cute story. I am going to have to look for your likeness, Vivian.:)

  20. Karen C, thank you for visiting. I agree with Beth you should go for it with the magazine writing. Check out Stories for Children from Virginia Grenier.

    Nikki, thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy Beth's newest book. How wonderful for you and your kids.:)

    Esther, so happy you decided to visit and I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I think you can find the answer to your question on Beth's website.

    nanciecheskey, what a wonderful goal! I look forward to Beth's books too.:) Thank you for visiting.

  21. Esther, I hope you visit my website sometime soon. :o)

    Nancie,I hope your nephews will enjoy reading about Carla!

    So nice of you both to pop in for a visit with Barbara and me. :o) Now you're both entered to win an ARC of the book - yay!

  22. Hi everyone,
    Thank you all for your comments. Comments are now closed for this blog and the drawing has been done for the free book.

    Our winner is:

    Karen Cote!!!!!


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