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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poems for Days 4 and 5

As promised I am posting each poem I wrote for this year's April Poem a Day. These are also posted on the comments of Poetic Asides with Robert Brewer where you will find some amazing poetry all the time.

Here are the poems for Day 4:

April 4, 2011

Prompt: Pick a person and write about him or her


What possesses you to ride so close to my car's back bumper
as if you were hoping to jump me and land wheels first ahead?

Like a dog pushing it's nose into you to get the food or the
pat on it's head you keep inching forward though my speed
increases you keep your same pace.

The right lane is clear yet you want my space
I know if I move you will surge ahead for a few miles, but then
you will find another moving slower than you and play the same
life threatening tag

I have seen your next victim clearing the way for your lethal game
You must be the king of all you survey mustn't you?

Tailgater you are a stain on the road
Though the sad truth is you don't know it.
copyright 2011 by Barbara Ehrentreu

April 5, 2011

Prompt: Write a silly poem or a serious poem
You decide which is which.:)

Toddlers take over Dunkin Donuts

Toddlers run back and forth
Their tiny feet toddling as they
explore Dunkin Donuts
Zip down the ramp and back up
Oh one fell
Up you go
Back to the race
Run little toddlers run
While the donuts grin on the wall
Singing you a happy running song
The coffee cups swing back and forth
To the music of your tiny legs
copyright 2011 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Angry scene

In the end I stayed
Though the anger
surged through my fingers
Yearning to throw anything
To hit him in the face
Smash in his nose and shut his
open mouth in mid curse
In mid angry outburst
The scene played out til
I slumped
Tears an afterthought
Brought on by years of

The shell I had become
crumpled as the struts
crumbled and lay in a
heap on the floor
Nothing will change
My anger dissolved
As tiny star shaped
flowers filled the air

I rose sustained by
the nectar of the flowers
Secure in the knowledge
of my secret safe
Where I hid the joy
I found when in November
Strength came in an email.
copyright 2011 by Barbara Ehrentreu


  1. Okay...I love these. I laughed at the first, chuckled at the second (a warm feel chuckle) the last one was pretty deep in an emotional way.

    You can certainly write poetry can't you? I began writing poetry in high school so I can appreciate your style as reaching deep within and connecting.

    Wondrous job, my friend. Thanks for sharing your soul.

  2. Karen, thank you so much! Poetry for me is the way I get rid of all those leftover feelings.:) The funny thing is everything I wrote about here actually happened in some way. Of course, in the silly poem you know that the donuts didn't sing, but that was silly. The tailgater really happened on Monday and today, an argument with my husband caused that last one to erupt. Sometimes I can't speak back, so a poem lets me erase those awful feelings. I am much stronger in a poem. Thank you for getting it too!!

  3. A the sweet e- mail release...but also as you mention yourself the sweet release of your poetry. The argument is really quite a. good poem...vibrant images.

  4. Yes, Pearl. The prompt provided me immediate release for a very recent experience and because it was so fresh I was able to relive the emotions and convey them with passion. Thank you for the praise. I appreciate your coming here and I am honored you like it.


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