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Saturday, April 2, 2011

April is here and it's Poem A Day Again!!

Anyone who has been reading my blog regularly knows I post all my poems for Poem a Day each April. That is one poem posted a day if it works out right, but usually I write more than one as is this year's case. I have only posted one on the comments section of Poetic Asides with Robert Brewer our leader who gives us the prompts for each day's poeming.:)

Here are my first two poems for April:

April 1, 2011

The world is in turmoil

The world is in turmoil
As if we stirred it up and instead of light whipped cream
We have a sticky mess oozing over the earth
Our best efforts no longer seem to work
As nature pommels us with her forces

Wars and earthquakes, tsunamis and floods
Yet I remain in my secure tower untouched except
by the horror felt inside my heart as I realize the victims
are flesh and blood members of the human race
Slaughtered either by man’s unnatural weapons or
Destroyed by nature herself
Flinging her anger around
Acting like a scorned lover
Causing chaos and terror in her wake.
copyright 2011 by Barbara Ehrentreu

I have returned

You could say I felt it as the day turned
The energy in the air charging it electric
In my mind the spark ignited and suddenly
my fingers longed to write the words so
long fenced in my brain
I had not really known
The longing until I saw the first poem
And the thrill and joy of poetry surrounded me in a
swirl of feelings as my mind realized the days had come
for these thoughts to spring forth upon the page.

I signaled prose to move over as poetry took a seat
We are the audience and the actors in this month and
Here we are both the applauders and the applauded.
My friends are welcoming me back to the warmth
and comfort of a living room filled with poets lounging in
comfortable chairs conversing and sharing our thoughts
while sipping warm beverages
I am here, awash in the sea of poetry.
copyright 2011 by Barbara Ehrentreu

That's it for now. This is just a quick post to send out my poems. I'll be back soon. Until the next time, thank you to my new followers. A very big thank you to everyone who continues to read my meanderings. I'll be back, hopefully, soon with my latest poems.:)


  1. Barbara, Your poem about the condition of the world is so true. I never recall a time when so much disaster, unrest, and unkindness happened all at once. I believe in God, and I truly think we put too much burden on our Father's shoulders. We have brains and the ability to make changes, and I think this is one of those times when we are being tested. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I admire poets and how you can make each word count.

  3. Deep and thought provoking - getting to know the heart of Barb (smile). Thank you for sharing.

  4. Ginger,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment about my poem. When I have deep feelings they have to come out in poetry.:)

    I will be putting my poem or poems on here every day. So come back and see the next set if you want.:)

  5. Kay Dee,
    You're welcome and glad you came to visit. I hope you will return to see the rest this month. Some want to publish their poetry, but I just like to share them with everyone.

  6. Nice poetry Barbara. THree days down!


  7. Thanks, Emily! So glad you like it.:)

  8. Pearl!
    It's so great to see you everywhere now! Thank you for the comment and I'm so happy you found an image you liked. :)

  9. Cozy in Texas, I am so sorry I didn't respond to your comment immediately. It's been a very hectic week! Thank you for your visit and your excellent comment.


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