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Friday, December 16, 2011

Book Launch Party for C.K.Volnek's A Horse Called Trouble!!!

Yay!! Cue the fireworks and sound the drums the official Book Launch Party for A Horse Called Trouble by C.K.Volnek has begun!!!!

I am so excited to be able to host this party for her, because she is such a giving person and a wonderful author. Her first book, Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island got excellent reviews and not content to enjoy this success she has come out with another book for children.

Oh, I see our guest of honor has arrived. I'll let her tell you all about herself first:

Author Bio:

Greetings. Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog today, Barbara. It is such a treat to be able to visit and I’m so excited to be here and announce my newest tween novel, A Horse Called Trouble! Today I am celebrating its Book Birthday! And I would also love to offer a FREE copy of my e-book to one lucky reader who leaves me a comment! (I hope you love free stuff as much as I do.)

A Horse Called Trouble

Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Tara Cummings has been passed from foster home to foster home; not wanted anywhere by anyone. At thirteen she’s skeptic and suspicious, with no family, and no friends. 

Horse therapy “will teach trust, perseverance, respect, and the value of teamwork,” or so says the program’s instructor. Tara is unconvinced. Trust only broke her heart, perseverance meant more failures, and no one respects or wants to team up with the misfit foster kid. 

At the farm, Tara meets Trouble, an angry and defiant horse, bent on destroying everything and everyone around him. Tara is frightened of the enraged horse, until she realizes Trouble is as misunderstood and untrusting as she is. Pushing aside her fear, a special bond is formed, much to the surprise of everyone at the farm. Trouble trusts Tara, and Tara in turn finds hope and acceptance as well as the will to love and trust again herself. 

But, Tara’s confidence is shaken as an even greater challenge looms ahead. Trouble’s mean and manipulative owner is the one and only Alissa, Tara’s nemesis. Can Tara overcome her own limitations and fight to save the horse who freed her heart and gave her life value and meaning? Or will Alissa destroy them both?

Thank you for being here and I'm thrilled to be sharing this special day with you. I have some questions, though.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?

I have always loved horses. Such marvelous creatures they are. Proud, elegant, powerful yet gentle and compassionate. I was so fortunate to be able to call several of these wonderful creatures my friend and confidant as I grew up.

I knew I wanted to immortalize some of my treasured equine friends but I never expected to write the story of Trouble in such a fashion as I did. It was after visiting a horse farm that also entertained a horse therapy program for troubled youth that the story sky-rocketed. Tara came to life and shared her entire sad story with me and I couldn’t help but oblige and put it down on paper. And Trouble? He’s a mix of several of the horses I knew. Full of spunk, spirit, trust and devotion. It’s a horse story, full of conflict, with antagonists you’ll love seeing get what they deserve.

Q) Tell us about your characters?

A Horse Called Trouble has many characters my readers will be able to identify with, from those who are picked on and put down, to the bullies and followers. And I hope my readers will discover one thing from my story—not to judge people before they really know them.

My main character, Tara Cummings is a bright girl, but due to her situation—her abusive mother abandoning her and throwing her into foster care—Tara is left vulnerable, picked on and put down. She tries to become invisible, staying under the radar of the bullies and teachers, doing only enough to survive.

Accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Tara is placed in alternative school and forced to enter a horse therapy program. There she meets Trouble. Trouble is exactly her opposite. He is defiant and spirited. He refuses to be broken and will not succumb to the cruel treatment used to try and force him into submission. He is strong and willful, yet Tara sees his vulnerable side, knowing the inner conflict only too well.

Trouble is a book about growing and believing in oneself to overcome what the world presumes of you. It’s easy to feel put down and unaccepted by the standards set by society today. But by believing in and staying true to oneself, the future can only offer the stars as the limit.

I love that message and it is so important these days when so many kids who are a little different are being bullied. Bullying has many effects and I'm so happy you have written about the ways that horses can help in therapy. I have seen horses used to help kids who have physical disabilities and it's wonderful that they can help those who are mentally disturbed. Tara sounds like so many kids who have been caught up in a world not of their own making.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?

My first tween novel, Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island made its debut in September and is available in both print and e-book versions now. It is a tween ghost story with a twist of Native American folklore and based on the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

My next novel, The Secret of the Stones is the first of a series called The Lost Diaries of Northumberland and will make its debut in April of 2012. The Stones is a much lighter story and is a Harry Potter meets Merlin the Magician kind of story. A Merlin-loving tween is thrust into magic mayhem when the gift he’s been entrusted to protect turns out to be the enchanted object detailed in a mysterious prophecy.

Q)  Where can readers find you?

My readers can contact me at
They can join me on my web page:, or visit me at my blog:
They can also find me on Facebook (C.K. Volnek) or Twitter (CKVolnek), Good Reads and Jacket Flap.
My book trailer is on youtube:
My books are available at the MuseItUp Book Store as well as Amazon and many other fine book locations on-line.

Thanks for allowing me to join you today! And remember everyone… I’m offering a FREE copy of my e-book to one lucky reader who leaves me a comment!

C.K. Volnek

Thank you, C.K. for launching your book on my blog. The party is going to be going on all day and of course all of you want to win a free book, so come down and comment and grab a few goodies. I've baked my own delicious chocolate chip cookies and we have champagne to toast the launch. Besides we have other goodies and perhaps some forbidden ones too!! Bring your friends and come on down. We'll be open all day and partying until we drop!!!

Until the next time, Happy Holidays to all and my next guest will be Michelle Pickett, who has written a very interesting YA paranormal book called Concilium. Her book is not available yet, but authors are always welcome here at any time!

I wanted to mention that my book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, is now in print and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords as well as almost all other book websites including Books A Million. It is an excellent holiday gift for the teen in your life. I have to say, even girls in their twenties are enjoying it according to my latest conversations with them.

On my Blog Talk Radio Show, RRWL Tales from the Pages, I am having my annual Holiday show on Thursday, December 22nd where I invite all the authors who were on the show to come back and read a holiday story. So far we have quite a few and I am looking forward to it very much. I will be posting the link as soon as I can.

Back to the festivities and please leave a comment while you are sipping your champagne and tasting the goodies. There are some savory dishes too. Browse along the table and see what you like. Above all have fun and comment, comment to win a free copy of A Horse Called Trouble.


  1. C.K. the book sounds great, I can't wait to read it. Marian

  2. C.K. the book sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read it. Marian

  3. Good afternoon,ladies!
    [14:30 GMT as I write!]

    Here in the UK (where we're having our first snow fall of the year!) the benefits of Horse Therapy have been accepted as a proven fact for some considerable time, though I can't claim any personal involvement in or knowledge of how it works.
    It probably stems from the traditional healing skills associated with Romany life - I'm not keen on the alternative "gypsy" tag, as many people use the term as a derogatory comment.
    Informing children about this 'alternative therapy' is a brilliant idea,and I hope your book is successful in this (as well as being a 'good read').
    I subscribe to a different 'school of thinking'. I believe that CATS have just as much therapeutic value as horses, and I'm writing a series of childrens' books in which the Cat is the central character.
    Have a blessed and Happy Christmas!
    Paul McDermott

  4. Thank you for coming Marian! I'm sure C.K. will be here soon. She probably has to take care of her horse.:)

  5. Oh, Marian, don't forget to grab one of the goodies on the buffet table. It might get a little crazy here later so you must try my own cheesecake and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Drink a glass of champagne too.

  6. Pat, thank you for visiting. Actually I believe any animal you have as a pet is therapy. They have proven that senior citizens do much better when they have a pet. However, I have seen horses used for physically handicapped people to gain self esteem. I'm sure cats can serve the same purpose and I'm looking forward to seeing how you weave them into your story.

    Don't forget to grab some refreshments and a glass of champagne! We are celebrating today!!!

  7. Sounds like a great story. I love to read and write about animals' personalities and how they relate to people.

    The best of luck with it!

  8. Hi everyone, I'm here! Even though it's my birthday, chores still needed done...pant pant and kicking off my boots. lol. Thanks to all of you for being here!

    Marian, appreciate you stopping by and I hope you like the story.

    Paul, so glad England also utilizes horse therapy. And I agree there are things to be learned from cats as well.

    And many thanks to Barbara as well for hosting me. Such a great hostess! Good luck everyone!

    C.K. Volnek

  9. Charlie, so glad you were able to get here! Oh and you brought your horse too! Take him over there for some fresh oats and water. I thought you might bring him, so I had them ready.:) Grab a goodie too and of course a glass of champagne to toast this momentous day!

    I'm so thrilled to be holding this party for you!

  10. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had some of those goodies before they disappear. And of course a glass of champagne to toast the launch!

  11. Hi Susan,

    So nice of you to drop by. I've always felt like animals are just people with fur! :-) Each has their own personality and individual talents. Thanks for the note and hope you are enjoying the party!
    C.K. Volnek

  12. Wow! Didn't know you had a new book out. Congratulations. Ghost Dog of Roanoke Island is on my Kindle to read in 2012. Can't wait.

    Wishing you the best with this new book. It sounds wonderful.

    All my best,


  13. Congrats on your book birthday C.K.!!! I just had to pop in and say hi!!!

  14. Congrats on your book birthday C.K.!!! I just had to pop in and say HI!! Jan Fischer Wade

  15. Charlie,

    This sounds like a moving and inspiring story! I hadn't heard about horse therapy before, but it sounds like a wonderful thing for troubled teens, especially foster kids. Thank you for sharing. Oh and Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, and congratulations on your release!

    Barbara, so good to finally check in with you again! I will just help myself to some champagne and chocolate chip cookies before getting back to housework:)

    Hugs, Sara

  16. Cheryl, so glad you were able to get your comment on here. Sometimes trying to do anything on an IPhone becomes a problem.:)

    I hope you got some of the refreshments. I just made a new batch of cookies so help yourself!

  17. Jan, so happy to see you here. I hope you got some champagne! Thank you so much for coming to celebrate this fun day!!!

  18. Sara, glad to see you here too! I always love book launch parties, because they bring everyone out to see the new book!

    I hope you helped yourself to the cookies and my own cheesecake. Charlie is a wonderful guest and how fun that she brought her horse with her.:) Though you might have to watch where you're stepping. It's hard keeping a horse in an apartment.:)

  19. Hey y'all! I'm late (what else is new?) but I'm here! Congratulations, Charlie! Lovely party Barbara! Of course, I would expect no less from you.

  20. Hi Cheryl,
    So glad you stopped by. And thanks for picking up Ghost Dog! I hope you enjoy it.
    Thanks for stopping and celebrating my book birthday with me.
    C.K. Volnek

  21. Gail! So great you could get here!! I'm keeping this party going through tomorrow. Thank you!! I do love parties!!

  22. Hi Jan!
    I'm so excited to have you stop by and celebrate my special day with me. Can't wait to be celebrating yours!
    C.K. Volnek

  23. Hi Sara,
    So glad you could help us party today.
    The horse therapy program is a really neat program. I had never witnessed it until I began researching for the book. Very unique and gratifying.
    Thanks again.
    C.K. Volnek

  24. Hi Gail,

    You're not late! And I'm glad you stopped by. Cheers. Thanks for helping me celebrate my book birthday.
    C.K. Volnek

  25. Charlie, this has been a wonderful party and we had so many guests stopping by and commenting. Thank you for being here and for sharing in the festivities. I am so excited that you picked me to launch your book!!!

    Now I believe some of my usual readers are wondering when I will announce the winner of the last comment contest. I have been busy, so I have extended it to the end of this weekend. Anyone who commented on my last post or on last week's DowntownYA post is eligible. Both of those posts are still up so go on over and leave a comment there. Comments will close for the contest on Sunday night.

    I'm sure you can still leave comments here for Charlie's launch. She will announce the winner.


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