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Friday, August 5, 2011

Preparing for my Book Reading

When I found out I was going to be reading excerpts on a webinar I was thrilled. Unlike the ordinary book reading, mine is going to reach hundreds of people who have signed on to this free reading to listen to us authors. It's a big responsibility, so we had to rehearse. If you think being a reader at a webinar is easy, then you have never done it. First of all, you will be seen by anyone who has a video feed. Also, you need to make sure your voice is clear and you are able to read your excerpt at just the right pace. It's very exciting and I have had two rehearsals already. One was to make sure we knew how to do all the basics. Now we are fine tuning the handing off of the speakers from one to the other. There are only four of us, but it is still tricky to do it right. So much so that we are having another technical rehearsal for this tomorrow.

The digital world of e-books has created a whole new reader who expects to have all the services of a book store without leaving their home. This webinar, I think, is part of the new wave of how authors will be able to get to people who may not be able to go to book stores and who are genuinely interested in learning about new authors. I am posting the flyer here for everyone to see. There is still time to register for the reading:

Until the next time, I want to thank my new readers and of course the ones who continue to read my meanderings. For anyone who is interested, my husband is in the hospital again, but we hope this will be the end of it. On Monday the doctors are going to clean the space where they took the toe and hopefully this will help it heal. The Achilles tendon wound is almost completely healed, so that's good! Meanwhile, he is happy to be there, because it is his favorite hospital and he gets treated very well including the food for those who read about his distress at the last hospital.:)

I also have some amazing guests for my show on August 25th: Eric Luper, a multi published YA author, and ComedyWriterMrJ, who is becoming more and more of a presence with his quick wit and laugh out loud humor. This should be a really great show. Also I will be making up last month's show sometime soon when I am not so busy. This month I hope will be a time to catch up and get ready for the huge month of September when my book comes out and we have the MG/YA Blog Tour. All the tour stops are on the MG/YA Blog Tour Page and also more detailed information is on My Scheduled Appearances. I will be giving away a free copy of my book at each stop and then a grand prize to be announced.



Sunday, August 14th 2011 @ 8pm EST

Join Authors:

Barbara Ehrentreu (YA Fiction) If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor – A story about memorable protagonist Carolyn Samuels, whose freshman year in high school becomes a series of lies to cover Jennifer Taylor's terrible secret in return for popularity. ;

Jesse Douglas Allen-Taylor (Literary/Historical Fiction) Sugaree Rising - takes place in the mid-to late Depression years, and is loosely based upon the Santee Cooper Project, where more than 900 families-most of them Black-were dislocated from their homes and community as part of a national rural electrification project. Visit

Todd Fluhr (Fantasy/Horror Fiction) Saint-James – A spectacular Vampire tale whose setting is an old parrish church in modern day Mexico.Visit ;

Host Talitha K. McEachin (YA/Adult Science-Fiction/Fantasy) The Elements Trilogy – The tale of the Kishnu; Lungi people of Nchiyamolekuli or Pangea as we call it in modern times, who have to come together to fight a common foe, whom they both loathe but need in order to survive.

This is a completely FREE (virtual) event that will take place via a webinar ; a simultaneous conference call line, so feel free to join us from wherever you are! The reading will last approximately from 8-9:30pm (EST) to include a brief Q&A session. Please visit and click “Events” for registration. If you have any questions or if you are a writer who would like to share your work in this forum please send an email (with a brief bio & excerpt) to for consideration.
All are Welcome. We look forward to having you!

I especially invite all my Facebook friends and all the authors, editors and amazing cover artists from MuseItUp Publishing including my esteemed publisher, Lea Schizas and the wonderful Litsas Kamenetros who keeps it going.


  1. This actually sounds really interesting. I might just check it out. And I'm glad your husband is doing better. Best of luck to both of you!

  2. Hi Marlena. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will tune into the webinar. I'm not going to talk about my book, I'm very proud of it, but the other people's stuff is really, really good.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    I'm really going to try to remember this. It sounds like great fun.
    The Other Barbara

  4. Barbara, yes, please try to get there. You have to register at that link before the reading. I think it's going to be packed, because the leader had to open another stream. I already have questions for me, which is kind of cool.:)


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