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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being Thankful on Thanksgiving!

As usual Outnumbered has beat me to the post, but his list will not be mine.:) Here is mine:

What I am Thankful for:

1. Hal - Though he has his off moments, he is still the one. For 44 years he has been in my life.
2. my daughters - Rachel and Sara
3. my brother
4. my sister-in - law
5. Hal's brother
6. my friend Maddy in Long Island who I miss too much!
7. my friend Maddy upstate
8. having enough money for Thanksgiving
9. my new car
11. So You Think You Can Dance
12. music of all kinds
13. TV and DirecTV
14. movies
15. chocolate
16. IPhone
17. laptop
18. laughing with my family
19. Starbucks
20. cashmere
21. Uggs
22. books and reading
23. My fingers so I can write on the computer
24. The Food Network
25. being only 6,645 words away from winning NaNo
26. having been given a ray of hope when Obama was elected.
27. my state's two senators
28. sunsets
29. rainbows
30. hot showers
31. curly hair

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if you live in the United States. Otherwise, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I hope that we will have peace soon in this ongoing disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is hard to have a Thanksgiving dinner when you know that there are people who are spending their time in a worthless desert trying to conduct a ridiculous operation. I hope by next Thanksgiving we will have the hope of peace.

I have to get some rest so I can cook tomorrow's dinner for my family.:) I hope if you are celebrating that you have gotten a turkey that has not had antibiotics pumped into it and that has been fed with all good stuff. My turkey, gotten from Whole Foods and raised in Pennsylvania by Amish farmers, is now brining in the refrigerator. May you enjoy a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I want to shout out to all the people who have been with me on my show, Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages, the wonderful hosts who have interviewed me both last week and again today, and April Robins. April has created a truly wonderful showcase for writers: Robin Falls Magazine. See the banner on the sidebar and please go take a look at this brand new member of the Red River Writers community. I have some pieces in there under adult stories and an excerpt from my children's story, "The Trouble with Follow the Leader." One of the stories is a flash story called "A Strange Noise" that is suitable for children too.

Thank you too to my followers and my new readers. Please add a comment on what you are thankful for. I am going to give away one of the many children's books that I have accumulated to anyone who can name at least 5 things for which they are thankful that I didn't mention. There could be multiple prizes. It's a holiday after all.:)

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