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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poem A Day - Poem for April 16, 2009

Emergency workers at Northern Westchester Hospital

* Note: I tried to make my post shorter by putting only part of it up, but the link didn't work. So for anyone who came here and couldn't read the rest of the post, here it is:

Today was such a beautiful sunny day so we got out of the house and I wanted to spend the time in the sun. It was in the 60's and it's been a long time since we've had such a day! So we went to pick up my older daughter and found that her headache had gotten worse. She's had a bad headache for over three weeks. So she couldn't get an appointment at the doctor's for today and we wound up taking her to the Emergency Room. I spent the entire afternoon there with her there.

My younger daughter stayed in the car and slept while I waited with my older daughter who needed to have an MRI! We had to wait two hours!! When we got there the hospital was pretty quiet and I figured we'd be out in no time. What a mistake! She had to wait two hours for the MRI and then it was another hour until it was done. We were there almost five hours! The good news is that her MRI was as the doctor said, "unremarkable". So an unremarkable brain is a good thing for MRI's.:) Who knew? I was just happy that we were at Northern Westchester, which is probably the best ER in Westchester and maybe most of the country. They were displaying a banner that said they were in the top 1%. Even the drapes had a scenic painting on them.:)

Now we don't know why she has the headache and wasted five hours finding out she is fine. When she asked the doctor what could be causing them he had no idea. Is that what a doctor is supposed to say? He said to go to her own doctor and find out. Hospital doctors have gotten so noncommittal.:) Also they are very thin skinned. I asked him if he had looked at the film carefully and he was a little testy. Since my husband is a lawyer he always has nightmare stories about doctors not reading MRI's correctly. When I called him to tell him about her being okay he told me this story about a California case where the MRI was supposedly clear, but the man had a grapefruit sized tumor. I was just being careful.:) Anyway, after the whole experience with my husband at Westchester Medical Center, I've gotten used to being treated like that by doctors. I pestered my husband's doctors so much, but you have to or they tend to ignore the patients a little bit on things they don't consider important.

When we got out of the hospital all we wanted was coffee and something to eat. Oh, one more thing about Northern Westchester, when I smelled the cookies in the nurse's station the nurse offered me one. It was a delicious sugar cookie. All the chocolate chip ones were gone.:)

Today the prompt was to write about a color. So I picked my favorite: Red.:)


Some days start out
tangled. Nothing minds.
As if the whole world is
revolting from within and
these days move in
a slow and measured
pace to their conclusion
when the mess inside pours
like blood might onto the space
in front of you over the
person who started it all,
knocks over the innocent
standing in its path
A human explosion issues
forth. Volcanic fury erupting
unexpected. Molten lava
rolling down the contours
of my face only to
cool in your icy glare.
copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, there are only thirteen more days left in April and I hope that you are reading and writing poetry. I know that this month has brought back all the joy I used to feel when writing poetry. I 'm going to miss writing a poem a day.:)

Next week we will have a new guest author to be announced and I am going to highlight a new blog too! This week has been hard with all the tzouris (trouble for those who don't know Yiddush!):) Have a great weekend. We're going up to Albany to see Kathy Mattea and I'll be letting you know how it was. Will be back on Sunday. Whoopee!! We're spending the night up there.:)


  1. Your poem a day series is great!

  2. Thanks Marie! Sorry I didn't post a postcard this Friday. We had to go somewhere. See today's blog for where and what we did.:)


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