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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poem A Day for Day 21

I am posting the poems I wrote today. The prompt was to write a Haiku. So I wrote more than one. I'm posting all of them. They are mostly about nature, but some of them aren't.:) But before that I want to remind you that if you have a post about Earth Day please join this group:

Read all the posts here. Mine will be there too.:)

Here are the Haikus:


Haiku #1
Delicate blossoms
gathering on tree branches
Decorate the roads

Haiku #2
Joy resides not in
thinking about what you will do
But in the job done.

Haiku #3
Green covers the ground
Grass sweet smelling and fresh grows
Allergies arise

Haiku #4
Wild violets bloom
in hidden places away
from stomping feet

Haiku #5
Why can’t I ever
find a shoe I’d swoon about
that also fits me?

Haiku #6
We set aside this
day to remember Jewish
copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu


Don't forget that Thursday, April 23rd I will be hosting our guest author, John Wayne Cargile, who is an award winning journalist whose first novel, The Cry of the Cuckoos, is generating quite a bit of discussion. Please stop by to see the interview and post a comment or question. When you post a comment or question you will be enrolled in the drawing for a free e-Book from the author.


  1. Looking forward to the interview. John is an excellent author.

  2. JB,
    From the contact we have had so far I am also looking forward to it.:) Thank you for visiting. I'll be looking to read your comment so you will be in the drawing for the free e-Book.:)


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