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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 7 - Poem a Day - April 7, 2009

Today's prompt for the poem was to write first a poem that was about clean and then prompt #2 was to write a poem about dirty. I took an event from both angles, but I couldn't post my second poem. I am only posting the Clean one here too. If anyone is interested, I might share it privately with friends.:) Think romance book language.:)

Here it is and this is a very short blog, because I have to sleep sometimes and I'm tired from everything today. Big thanks to Shirley from Luxury Haven who sent me a fantastic recipe for chicken. You must go there and get it.:)

Also, I will be interviewing Katie Hines on Thursday, April 9th and we will be discussing her new children's book, Guardian, which is coming out in June. Here is some of her information.

Katie Hines
Children's Author
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Coming June 2009 - "Guardian" a middle grade urban fantasy

Imagine you have made a secret promise that can lead you to an incredible treasure and an ancient power. But in order to fulfill that promise, you must defeat an age-old sect determined to claim the treasure and power themselves.

"Prompt #1: I want you to write a clean poem. Take this however you wish. Clean language, clean subject matter, or cleaning the dishes. Of course, some twisted few will automatically link "cleaning" with hired hitmen. That's okay, as long as your poem is somehow linked to clean."

Prompt #1 - Clean

The Meeting – Her Side

A statue come to life.
A clothed David alive in
Tee shirt clinging to his
muscled chest
I held my breath
hoping he would glance
my way. And he did
Piercing blue eyes shot
like an arrow into my heart
Fascinating scenarios crept
into my head as I wished I were
unattached. Then I realized
I had stepped on his toe.
Glancing into that chiseled
face I saw a smile that
promised more.
copyright 2009 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Until the next time, Happy Passover to everyone who celebrates it. Thank you to my readers and hope that you will comment on this. Remember, there is another poem that I am not posting that I will let some people see if they ask. :)


  1. Thank! Did you want to see the Dirty one? It's more like reading a romance novel.LOL


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