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Friday, July 24, 2009

What is an Homage? Katie Holmes Performs "Get Happy" on "So You Think You Can Dance"

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was a big fan of "So You Think You Can Dance". Actually it's become an obsession lately. This year the dancers are all so incredible that it's hard to decide who to vote for. So we haven't really voted much at all. We didn't vote this week and my family sat there while the results were read on Wednesday night with our fingers crossed. Would my favorites be sent home?

I was thrilled to see that my favorites are also America's favorites.:) But now that there are only three girls and three boys left I'm really torn. I love all of them so much for their individual talents. I wouldn't want to see any of the dancers go home. This is the first year that I feel this way and I don't know what to do. So if you are a fan of "So You Think You Can Dance" maybe you'll help me. I'm going to post the names of the dancers and I'm going to conduct a poll to see which are your favorites. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to vote. It's going to end on Monday, August 2nd. I'll post the winners before the next show on Tuesday night. Let's see if our winners are the ones who stay on Wednesday. :)

My post title is "What is an Homage?" On Wednesday night Katie Holmes did a dance and sang to " Get Happy" done by Judy Garland in the movie "Summer Stock". Katie Holmes did a very good job of singing and dancing and as you can see if you watch the original, the choreography was much more elaborate than the original choreography. Some people spoke out against her for doing this. I'm not sure that they understand what an homage is.

Merrium -Webster's online dictionary defines homage as:
2 a: expression of high regard : respect —often used with pay b: something that shows respect or attests to the worth or influence of another

I think Katie Holmes did that and all of those people who expected a word for word and dance move for dance move copy of the original don't understand what an "homage" is. It's a tribute to the style and the grace of Judy Garland. Was it a little more sexy than the original? Maybe. Did Katie Holmes move herself in a different way? Yes. But this routine compared to the original is so much more complex. They updated the dancing and I think it worked.

I also think that Katie Holmes was very brave to go on a dance show and dance when she would probably not have been picked for the show. I don't really know if she would have, since the moves seemed to be very simple. However, that could just be the talent of the dancer. Many times moves look simple but you cannot do them. It's like what happened when people looked at Fred Astaire and thought, it looks so easy I could definitely do it. But no one dances like he did.

I don't judge dancers, because I'm not a dancer. I love to dance and shake my hips, but I'm not a dancer. I love this show, because these people are dancers and they really put everything on the line for dance. Katie Holmes was on the show to highlight her worthy charity, Dizzy Feet Foundation, and to pay a tribute to Judy Garland. I applaud her and wish that people would stop being critics and start just enjoying entertainment. It's time to enjoy the efforts of other people even if they're not always perfect.

That's all for today. Don't forget to vote in the poll for "So You Think You Can Dance". Then on Tuesday night call in your votes for your favorite dancers. I know I will be doing that.

Next week I will be having as my guest author, Jennifer Barash who has just had the third book in her Elite series, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, published this week. Come back and visit on Thursday for the interview.


  1. That was a great homage to Katie Holmes for her courageous performance in this dance show.

    Now that you mention it, I think the lass really has some talent in dancing after all, even if I don't think she is much of an actress.

    Sexy Mom

  2. Glad I could change your mind a little. :) Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oh, I really miss all these reality shows ... I can't wait to get home next month and spend two whole weeks on the sofa, eating chocolate and watching programme after programme :0)

  4. Eternally Distracted, thank you for visiting. Reality shows are addictive, aren't they? Read my article in EzineArticles:

    I printed an excerpt in that blog post. I'm really fascinated with why people watch them.:)


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