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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We visit Shirley's Luxury Haven

The Sentosa resort
Today I promised that I was going to highlight a new blog. It is very difficult, because there are so many fabulous blogs. As I mentioned I am a member of the women's blogger directory.

The blog I am highlighting today is Welcome to Shirley'sLuxury Haven. Shirley lives in Singapore and she updates us constantly on new and exciting things to do in that area. I wish I lived there, because she makes everything look so good!!! Today's post is about a new resort there, Sentosa. The photo shows a picture of this resort! Don't you want to get on a plane and go

She tells us also about concerts and gives great recipes for asian food. I love the animated slide show she has of all the dishes she features. All you need to do is click on the food and you get a larger picture of the dish on her other webpage. There you can subscribe and make your own slides to show on the website using the slide show she has there. Very cool!!!

But the main reason I like this blog is that she talks about fashion as well and in one of her posts she concentrated on how to tell a fake handbag from a real one. This is a serious problem when there are so many counterfeit bags out there. I was impressed by the detail she went into to show us the real thing!

I also love the background color of her blog - pink, and I look forward to reading each post. She describes herself as someone who is: Passionate about food, crazy over shopping, eccentric about travel, is in a frenzy over Hello Kitty! and Cooking's my passion. You can see her profile picture on top says it all.:)

So Shirley, from Welcome to Shirley's Luxury Haven, I am highlighting your blog and look forward to reading more interesting and unusual posts.:)

Tomorrow's guest author is Tim Hooker who is the author of three books and
who is also the editor of his blog Sushi Tuesday. During the last couple of days I have gotten to know a little bit about Tim and I think you will enjoy this interview very much!

Tim is giving away a copy of his book, Rocket Man as a thank you to one lucky person who either comments or asks a question. The winner will be announced as soon as all comments are in to the post. We will be taking comments on this post through Friday night. So please stop by and leave a comment. You could be the winner!!!! In the meantime go and see Tim's blog, Sushi Tuesday and read his bio.

Until next time, I'm really looking forward to our second guest author blogger, Tim Hooker. Please join us and maybe you will win the book give away contest!! Thank you to all my readers. Your comments warm my heart!!:)


  1. Thks for much Barbara, for the beautiful write-up...... I feel like a "STAR" now! You're a jewel!!


  2. You are a star. You are winning for best blog on the women's blogger directory and I think you put a lot of care into your blog. You deserve to feel like this! Enjoy!!!


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