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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And to think that I saw it on the internet

Highlighted blog: No You're A Towel

This is my next favorite bag for the contest. If you have a blog all you need to do is post something about the contest and let them know every time you post. This will enter you into the contest for one of their bags. If you win you will get their featured bag of the month. The contest goes until August, so start posting!

The blog I am highlighting today is No, You're A Towel, which is written by a man named Andrew. He writes mostly about sports, but he also writes about TV and movies and daily life. What I like about it is that he moves around in topics a lot just like me!:) He also talks about music and a little bit about sports. His latest post was about his travels in New Zealand. But the one before that talks about "24" as did mine last night. He posted about how "24" is going green and links you to the article in The New York Times. Most of his posts are about sports, but they dig into the situation and give you more than you would find in a newspaper. I like the variety and the spontaneity of it. I also like that though the author went to New Zealand he didn't stop posting!! Also, I really love his icon.:)

One more thing. Yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day and also Read Across America for all the kids in school. People went to schools to read to children. This is the day when we celebrate Theodore Geisel, or Dr. Seuss. He is a fixture of almost every child's reading, but unfortunately, he is not taken as seriously as a writer as he should be. Geisel wrote his catchy rhyming phrases for new readers. He wanted kids to read things that were fun. So he wrote his first book: And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street originally published in 1937. You can find the reprinted one reprinted by Random House on When I was a Literacy Specialist my first graders and I wrote a poem in the style of Dr. Seuss. The kids loved it. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss. You brought reading to millions of kids who might never have picked up a book if they hadn't seen a cute elephant or a funny cat on the front.:)

I have to get started writing my next chapter on the Sweet 16. I've decided that I'll just put my fingers on the keyboard and start. I have done enough research and thinking and I hope that the words will come. Wish me luck!! Until the next time....


  1. Happy birthday DR. Suess you've taught my kids how to be silly nilly rhymers!

  2. Hi Barbara, I finally had a chance to stop by and visit. Great posts all around. I added your blog to my blog list on my blog.

  3. Marie: Yes, Dr. Seuss is probably the best teacher for rhyming couplets. The kids I taught loved every book! On Dr. Seuss Day the principal of my school read "Green Eggs and Ham" to every class.

    Penny: Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you liked my thoughts and I love your blog too! I would love to get some authors here to interview. So if you know any who are looking for a blog let them know.:)

  4. Hi lady! I dropped your link from last week into the Mr Linky for PFF today:) I hope that's OK!

  5. Sure! I'll post something cool! Still have to find my postcards, though.:)

  6. You should have seen my interpretation of "Green Eggs and Ham"...the children of Daegu were falling on the floor in hysterics...I think I placed a memory that they will never forget...and planted within them a love for English.

    By the way the Korean word for 'here' is Yogi...

  7. Marilyn, you are bringing American culture to these Korean people! Congratulations! I love that you read Dr. Seuss to them. I'm sure that he is translated in lots of languages. Maybe they can find his books there. Did you try? But the pictures are so great you don't really need the translations. Glad you had a good time!:)

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog! Just getting back from my vacation and checked out your blog and I really like it. Will add it to the blogroll soon!


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