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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Postcard Friday again and I'm posting my favorite cartoon character, Betty Boop. She makes me smile and I hope it will make you smile too!! I love this one, because it shows her so many different ways. Enjoy it.:)

Friday is here again and if it's Friday I know it's time for my neighbors to wash their cars. We live in a two family house and the other family has six cars between them. There are four or five guys living with a couple of women and they need them. But our driveway, which is large is filled with cars all the time! They wash their cars no matter what the weather and just now I saw one of the guys washing his car in the middle of the street!! What happens is that the little rivulets of water stay on the driveway and if the temperature goes down they freeze. Fun!!! But they are probably the best neighbors you could ever have. They take care of the stone steps that if they get icy can be steps of death. They carry our packages if they are around and we need help. So we just accept the car washing and their cars do look good!!

Now for the best part of today. First of all I got to do some more Wii Fit and I do love that! The best part for me is the Aerobics and of that one I love the little dance where you see all the Mii's (that's what they call the cartoon figures that represent people) doing this with me. You have to step up and down on the Wii board and it's so much fun. I also love the Yoga part, though I can't do the ones where you have to pick up your leg and stand on one foot. It's hard on such a small board.:) I need to get back to working out, because this winter has put a big tire around my waist and I don't like it.:) Well, eating the valentine heart I showed you doesn't help that either. And OMG that chocolate is so good, but it's gotten down to the part where you need to put a lot of effort into getting even a little piece. The chocolate is at least two inches thick at the bottom of the heart and that's where we have eaten down to now.:)

The second part of today is I've finally written another chapter for my novel, When My Life Changed and no, it's not the party scene!!!! But it is the chapter introducing the party scene, which I discussed with you before. I'm hoping to write the party scene very soon. Then that will be done and I can stop thinking about it every night.:)

The other great thing is that Karl Rove is going to testify in front of Congress. If you have been working toward this event then you can be happy it's going to come to pass after almost two years of being subpoenaed. It's amazing that he is going to step in front of this body. I hope that they don't mince words and get into all the dirty things I am sure he has done. I have worked to bring this about with just my fingers by signing a petition to have Congress bring him to justice. Last summer Robert Greenwald, the movie maker went up to Congress to bring a petition with 127,000 signatures. I am looking forward to seeing all the poison come out and hearing what really happened in these cases.

Last night's American Idol for the wild card was a little bit like seeing all the losers try to find a winner. I'm not sure if I like Meghan, but thank goodness we don't have Tatiana. I don't know how long I could see her crying and groveling before I'd have to turn it off. We'll see how this works out. I already know who I want and won't tell you until it's gone through a little more shows. He may not be there.

Have a good weekend. Until then, thank you to all the people who have left comments. I hope that more will comment. Welcome to all my new readers and great to see my older readers here.


  1. Barbara! Tha's wonderful that you are moving and grooving via the Wii!I have to get back into shape.. none of my clothes fit.. and my energy level has plummeted! I'm glad that I read this. It motivates me to move today!

  2. Glad to know I can motivate someone even across the ocean.:) Yes, it definitely helps to get moving. I can't wait until that heart is finished. It's so delicious.:) Must not eat chocolate heart.....


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