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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Belated Happy New Year!!

Yes, I am very late in posting this, but in my defense I have been very busy since the New Year began. Each day brings its own emergency and somehow the holidays moved along and we got through them. Our New Year's Eve was fun. We spent it at Mohegan Sun and saw Amy Schumer, who was really funny. The photo here is me waiting for the show to begin. It's a selfie, so I look a little weird. The casino gave out those cheesy tiaras. But when can you be crazy if it isn't on New Year's Eve? Then we went to dinner and that is when the night got a little scary. We came out of the Arena where the show was held and there were a lot of people getting out of there with us. So we came into the main part of the casino and in the middle of the place a band was set up and there were rappers and break dancers on a stage. A crowd had formed in front of them about three rows deep and then there were people moving past us in two directions. We were trying to get to the restaurant on the second floor, but the people kept us from moving at all. So we watched the show and my other younger daughter who I was sure was on my left suddenly disappeared and we spent about a half hour searching for her. We, my older daughter and I, went up to the second floor to see if we could find her in the crowd. We couldn't see her at all. We went to the restaurant and she wasn't there. Then my daughter went to look for her. Without telling us, and because there was no way to communicate there,  our cell phones didn't work, my daughter had walked the opposite way. That is why we didn't find her. Finally after getting a little frantic she found us and we went to have a fantastic dinner. We even were able to see the ball drop at midnight. I actually wrote a poem about the New Year and my thoughts about this one and I am posting it here:

Hail to the New Year

Hail to the New Year with its
innocence bathed in the golden
haze of promise
All sparkle and glitz it arrives
with expectation
and at the stroke of twelve
we forget the year that has passed
and erase the unfulfilled promises
the sad moments not pressed into
our minds as tragedy
We celebrate with 
champagne and laughter and
every year we, you and I, 
were next to each other
our lips met at midnight
and we clinked glasses filled
with the bubbly
remembering why we met
and how New Years was our
invitation to love

Hail the New Year with its
glow of possibilities
an open blank space for
our dreams to flourish
and we think back to 
last year’s dreams
those that flew
and those that never
left the ground
and you were always there
next to me to put your arm
around me and I held tight
to you forgetting the bad
and hoping for the good
and now I wonder when 
the clock strikes midnight
and the ball drops 
will your spirit be there or
only an empty space where you 
used to be?

copyright 2014 by Barbara Ehrentreu

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your continuing to follow me. I will be posting more with guest authors and blog swaps coming up in January, Sara Jayne Townsend on January 23  and Susan Royal on January 30. If anyone has heard my show with Sara Jayne you will want to know more about her and her books.

My Blog Talk Radio Show, Red River Radio Tales from the Pages, is going to feature Julie Maloney and one of her writers from Women Reading Aloud, Jane Ebihara. Jane has a poetry book called: A Little Piece of Mourning.

Also, I wanted to give a shout out to my new poet friends from World Poetry Open Mic, jt Gunter, J Todd Underhill and Michael Amidei. Their program is on Friday nights at 8PM MST or 10PM EST. You can call in a read your poetry on the air. I love their program and it is definitely a great place to spend your night. I hope to have one of them on my program if our schedules can mesh. 

Until the next time, my resolution for 2015 is to get more time out in bookstores for me and my books. My book, After, has gotten some great reviews and If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor just got its 24th fantastic review that is 5 stars. After is on the Preditors & Editors Poll and is rising. Presently it is 6th on the Young Adult. Thank you to all who voted for it. 


  1. Touched by your beautiful poem and tender words. Happy New Year, barbara!

  2. Thank you, Nurit. New Year's Eve was always the time we had a ritual, my husband and I. We would always give each other a kiss and then drink a glass of champagne at midnight.


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