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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I've decided to participate in Six Sentence Sunday and I'm posting some sentences from my soon to be released book from MuseItUp Publishing, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor:

Wow, I almost fainted. How will I get through lunch without losing consciousness? I'm glad this week is over, but thinking about next week is causing me even more stress. My lies have lies. Don't want to think about eating with Brad. I pray I won't do something stupid in front of him.

This is just a small post, but I will be back. Hope you are all having a great Sunday.:)


  1. That's a good tease, Barbara. Makes me want to know more.Lies on top of lies -- WOW! Sure spells trouble.

  2. Thank you, Barbara! I searched for something that would not give away too much but would make people want to read it.:) It was hard, because a lot of my paragraphs are only 5 sentences. I didn't realize that until I did this.:)

  3. Hi, Barbara! I noticed your blog link on FB and thought I'd check it out. I like the variety of topics in your posts and was happy to read this one. Six Sentence Sunday sounds fun. I just might join in.

    I agree with BarbaraB...lies on top of lies...a great line that gets one instantly curious as to what is going on and makes the reader want more.

  4. Linda,
    Thank you for all the nice words:) I'm glad you visited and you liked my blog. I hope you will enjoy browsing through the posts. Did you read my latestpost? I would be interested in your answer:)

  5. I LOVE the line "My lies have lies." Such a creative way of explaining her complicated situation. :)


  6. Adriana, thank you for visiting and glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I should probably do this a few times more.:)


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