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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spending Time in The Stamford Town Mall on Rosh Hashonah

A Rosh Hashonah challah (from The Fresh Loaf)

Symbols of
Rosh Hashonah

Blowing the Shofar from:

As have mentioned so many times when I leave my house I am never sure where I am going to wind up. Today my daughters and I got into the car and drove to Stamford. My older daughter’s company moved there, and she wanted to check out the city to see how to get around it. Of course, if you know what happens most time with us, we wound up in the Stamford Town Mall. You may not have been there, but it was in a movie with Bette Middler. They were supposed to be in LA, but anyone who knows the mall could recognize the crazy entrances and exits that curve uphill. The almost amusement park- type ramps make you feel like you are on this roller coaster ride. You keep going up the steep incline until at last you reach the top. We like to park on the lower levels so we headed down and parked on level 2 causing us walk three flights. It was good exercise. :)

The reason to be there was to find a jacket for my older daughter ,who was pestering us to get one all weekend . But we left there with a pair of Uggs for my younger daughter and the promise to have shoes delivered for my older daughter. Along with the shoes they bought they both got inserts to go into their sneakers and for my older daughter a pair of dress inserts for her new shoes. She selected a style that they were out of, so that's why the delivery was necessary.

Where did they find the shoes? It was not your usual shoe store at all. It is called The Walking Company, and if you have ever wanted to find stylish shoes for feet that are a little unusual with style and pizzaz, you must go there.

How we found it was we were at another shoe store one level underneath it and couldn't find any shoes for my older daughter. I think I mentioned once that the thing I dreaded most was going shoe shopping with her. OMG it usually takes around two or three hours and she tries on every shoe in her size in the store. Usually she takes the ones that hurt her the least.:) She has a flat foot that is also a little wider, so it's always excruciating trying to find her shoes. But The Walking Company was like going into shoe heaven for her and for my younger daughter, who has two different sized feet, also found a solution for her shoe problems.

Here is what they do. When you first come into the store they ask you to stand on a mat and then you see your feet and the areas of pressure on each foot. They give you a print-out with the diagram of your foot. The red areas are the pressure points and also it gives a suggestion for the insert you need to use. The girl who waited on us was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She was so patient and continued to look for shoes that would be good for my older daughter. You need to use a different insert for dress shoes than sports/casual shoes. My older daughter put the inserts into her sneakers and she said she felt so much better and it even made her look a little taller.:) My younger daughter also got the inserts that made her old shoes feel better and she got a great pair of Uggs. I didn't get anything, but I was drooling for a pair of black suede clogs with a flower on the side of the front of each shoe. You can see it in gray, but I loved it in black. I will be going back to see those shoes.:)

My advice is that if you have any kind of foot problem skip the podiatrist and go to The Walking Company to get inserts and beautiful shoes. The bonus for my older daughter was that she bought a shoe that had a free tote bag as a gift. This will be great for her new move to the new office. She starts tomorrow, but her new shoes won't be here until Tuesday.):

Also for some reason I haven't been receiving alerts that people have written comments here. I think that will be remedied by what I did today. So I am not ignoring you. I didn't know that you commented at all! I have been busy with the Jewish holidays and didn't get a chance to check the blog for a couple of days. It was Rosh Hashonah and I wish all my Jewish friends L'shona Tova!! Happy New Year!!! Happy 5770!!! We didn't do much, but I cooked for an entire day. You know the usual, chicken soup from scratch, brisket, mashed potatoes. We skipped the chopped liver and gefilte fish this year, but we did get a fresh baked challah and an amazing dessert from a favorite local bakery, The Kneaded Bread. I love their layer cakes and we shared such small pieces we were able to make four pieces of cake last for three days. :) We all ate so much challah and the slices were so large. You are supposed to dip it in honey so you will have a sweet year. My year according to the amount of challah and honey I ate should be stupendous!

Now for the last thing on my list to talk about and that is the drawing for the free e-book and the free print book will be held tomorrow. In honor of the New Year I am going to extend the deadline one more day, since I know some of you still haven't commented. Evil Angel is the prize and I think you are going to love it! With all the things I have been doing I haven't done the review yet, but when you hear what it is about and how crisp and dynamic the writing is you will be unhappy you didn't comment. Just write a few words and you will be entered into the drawing. What do you have to lose?

I also want to remind all of my readers that my first Blog Talk Radio show is on this Thursday, September 24th at 2PM Central Time. The show is called Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages. My first two guests will be prolific short story/article writer Penny Ehrenkranz who also has two novels published, and Virginia S. Grenier, who is the editor and publisher of Stories for Children and has a novel for children published. Penny was a guest author on this blog and I am looking forward to interviewing Virginia. I have been a fan of hers for a long time! You can find the Blog Talk Radio widget on the side of this blog and if you click that you will find your way to the Red River Writers page. I will also be reading from one of my own short stories.

Until the next time, welcome to any new readers and thank you to all my frequent readers who continue to warm me with their comments.:)


  1. Your mentioning Stamford through me into a nostalgic time-travel. My favorite aunt, Sarah, lived there in the early 70s on a dead-end street bordering an acre of woods. I loved the peace and quiet there, so different from my noisy street in Brooklyn. I used to take long walks every morning, do Yoga on her lawn, and visit an adorable little library a half a mile away. Those summer weeks in Stamford and with her were truly idyllic.

  2. nothing profound,
    I doubt that you will find Stamford the same as in the early 70's, but if you go a little way out of town it is still pretty rural off of the main street. I'm so glad my post could bring you back to that time.:)

    Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will come again.


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