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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Thoughts for Wednesday

I meant to write much earlier than this, but as usual my life kind of got in the way. We spent a very quiet Memorial Day Weekend and didn't go anywhere special.

Except even on an ordinary weekend something wonderful can happen.:)

This weekend my husband had to work for two days, so we were left alone and really it was so nice to not have to think about another person's needs. When he's home he takes up a great deal of my time. Yet if you spoke to him he would deny it. He thinks he's low maintenance, but since his heart attack he has been very high maintenance. He thinks he takes care of himself, but when he's home he's always asking me to do things for him. They range from simple things like getting out his insulin from the refrigerator or larger things like getting him his underwear or finding his lost shoe. Besides this he is constantly informing me of something he has either read, heard on the radio, or seen on TV. So I have to pay almost constant attention to him. Occasionally it will even be something to look up on the computer. So when he's away I take a deep breath and relax. I miss him, but it's good to have those moments alone to regroup.:)

So this weekend my daughters and I decided to go look for this diner we had seen advertised on a sign on Rte 84. We didn't really believe it existed, because the Eveready Diner was in Hyde Park. The sign pictured above is right before the diner showing you where it is on Rte 9. If you've ever been to Hyde Park the road there is pretty narrow and it is hard to miss this pa
rticular diner anyway.:) Back to the trip we took, we thought it might be the same diner only they were advertising the turn off for it. But being adventurous and starving we searched for the diner off the exit where they had advertised it would be. We were still skeptical, but as we were traveling back to look at the sign again we found the new diner. Imagine our excitement that they had brought our favorite diner forty-five minutes closer to us! We turned into a shopping center and there at the top of the hill was a new Eveready Diner! It looked a little different outside, but inside it was exactly the same!

Let me describe it for you. As you walk in you might think it was a diner out of the 1950's or even earlier. A huge statue of a young boy holding an enormous cup of coffee in his hand is the main attraction. Then you get the aromas of good diner food and the place was packed with people. Lucky for us we got seated right away.:) Sometimes you have to wait almost an hour at the old diner. But the service and the food is so outstanding you put up with almost anything. If you are anywhere near Brewster, NY you have to go there. They even have those old fashioned juke boxes at every table. You know the ones that you can turn on top.:) But they're filled with new songs and classics too. The best way to find out about all of the food is to go to the website link for Eveready Diner. I love it and when you visit there you will love it too. Every meal is great, but their breakfast is outstanding! Don't forget to order the sausage, because it is so incredibly good! Go with a very big appetite, because even the non-breakfast items are huge.:) Between the three of us we ordered two breakfasts and it was enough! It kept us full for over seven hours!! A few years ago this diner was on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. That's how we found it.

I am a member of a couple of blog networks. One of them is Blog Catalog and I have a lot of friends on there. A while back in March, Jose Sinclair wrote a very nice review of this blog:

nice blog.. I like what's being done for writers there, I will now read Simon Rose.
I'd like to read more, also about your creative process, how you go
about writing, etc.

Good stuff.. Jose

Posted: March 23rd, 2009 | More Reviews From JoseSinclair

He has several blogs on Blog Catalog that are very diverse and should appeal to almost everyone. You can access them all here: lawrence jose sinclair. From here you can access all of his blogs. The one I like best is the one about film, The World's Best Films.

Thank you Jose Sinclair for honoring my blog with one of your reviews. I am going to reciprocate with a review for at least one of your blogs. It's so hard to choose.:)
There are also a couple of other reviews from other people on Blog Catalog so go take a look if you are on there. Thank you to recent reviewers, Jack W and Chris for their great reviews!

One more thing before I go. I have followed these performers, The Kennedys for years. Now they are performing alone and since both of them are great musicians this is wonderful. Together they are amazing, but solo they each have something to offer that is unique and excellent. Their names are Pete and Maura Kennedy and if you ever get a chance to see them don't hesitate. Pete is an outstanding musician who can play rock, folk, blues and even classical guitar and ukelele. Maura is exciting and has a voice that adapts to all of those
genres. Together they both can play and sing so you feel that excitement. I think this is rare in many performers. But they can translate that exuberance to the crowd. Their songs are original and tell a story. Now that Maura is singing solo her songs are more bluesy, but you will love the sound of her voice. I am including a bit about the Kennedys for you here. Why I am doing this is that I just learned that Pete Kennedy has a studio in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn in Williamsburg where I lived between the ages of three and six. So I am linking you to their websites and I think you will enjoy this very much.:) If you have never heard their music you are in for a real treat!

I'm not sure about Thursday, but there may be an author interview here. I'll let you know tomorrow. Thank you to all my readers and my new readers and my new followers from Blog Catalog and Mexico. Ole! Hasta LaVista!

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