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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Discover the Koto

Anthony Trollope

It's "Quotable Thursdays" over at Teratali Reiki and Counseling and here is my quote for today:

"Of the needs a book has, the chief need is that it be readable."

___Anthony Trollope (April 24, 1815 -December 6, 1882)

I have to say that many books that people have raved over have not been readable to me. That is my main criteria for reading a book. If I get through the first couple of paragraphs and I can't understand or don't like what I'm reading I don't usually get the book. In rare instances, when the reviews have been fantastic, I will slog through boring or over-detailed writing to get to the rest of the book. It has usually been worth it with my favorite authors. But it is rare. Of course, readable has two sides. Who is say that what is readable to me is readable for you? So readability is strictly someone's opinion. That's why there are so many different publishers.:)

I'm hoping that when I send out my novel again that one of those publishers or agents will find my book "readable".:)

So I'm hoping everyone had a great Mother's Day. My apologies for not putting up a blog sooner, but I was hoping for more comments and questions for the last one. After all I'm offering a book from my own collection as a prize to the winner of the drawing. So far it's only going to be three or four people. Come on guys, you still have a chance. Go over to to the last blog and leave your comment.:) I'll hold off until Friday for all of you late comers to do it.:)

A Koto - the national instrument of Japan

On Sunday I had the pleasure of celebrating Mother's Day by attending a recital/concert by on of my family members held at Steinway Hall, which is a domed area inside of the Steinway showroom on 57th Street in Manhattan. Paintings of John Steinway and other celebrities from that era adorn the walls and marble columns make you feel you are back in the era when piano concerts were the norm for our enjoyment.

When you walk in the first thing that you see is an enormous Steinway grand piano that dominates the room. This was so large that I couldn't see the smaller piano next to it, but since there was a duet perfomance at one point I knew there had to be a piano. All we could see, and we were in the first row, were her feet tapping on the pedals and her face and arms. But the music that came from these two pianos was magic.:)

Besides the pianos there was the usual accompaniments to piano, a violinist and a celloist. However added to this group was a young woman seated at an instrument I had never seen. It looked like a guitar set on its back with a wooden backing and legs. It was called a Koto. I couldn't believe the sound of the music that came from this instrument played by a woman who looked like a teenager and who had hands that flew across the strings pressing here and plucking there. She wore picks on the ends of the fingers of her right hand and used the left as you would play a guitar. The music sounded something like in between a harp and a guitar. Incredibly modern at the same time as harking back to much more ancient sounds. Combined with the piano it was one of the most unusual concerts I have ever heard. I am including a video so you can hear and see how this instrument is played.

Okay, that's all for today. I'd be interested in knowing what you think makes a book readable to you. Please let me know and I'll post the answers in my next post.:)

Until the next time, we have to wait one more week to find out about American Idol, but can I say that I let out my breath tonight after my daughter and I sat on the sofa clutching each other's hand and praying that Adam wouldn't be eliminated.:) I can live with Adam and Kris. Both are really good in their own way, but I hope Adam wins. He is awesome!!!!


  1. I love the quote. I'm the say way. If the first, second or third paragraph doesn't reach out and grab me I put the book down.

  2. Hi,
    I was going to write to you.:) Thanks for the book and I couldn't put it down. I had to read a whole chapter standing up! It's very readable.

    Thanks for stopping by. I think your interview got me the most traffic! You'll have to come back soon.:)

  3. There's not a better compliment than someone telling you they can't put your book down. I sold a book to a local lady and she told me she hasn't had a chance to read it because her husband (who never reads) got it and can't put it down. I am so thankful people find it readable, because that was the way it was intended. Learned it from Sidney Sheldon and others.

  4. Yes, I love that too. My unpublished books have gotten that same comment.:)

  5. Love that quote - how very, very true. In the end, that's really all that matters.
    Thanks for sticking with the Quotable Thursdays.

  6. Hi Pamposh,
    That's from last week, but I'll post a new one soon. I've been busy with other stuff.:)

    Thanks for visiting.:)


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