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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beam Me Up Scottie!

At last we went to the movies this weekend! Finally got to see "Star Trek" and I wasn't disappointed.:) Having seen all of the old Star Treks on TV from the beginning, I've been a Star Trek geek since the series began.:) I used to love how they simulated the spaceship being attacked and everyone being pushed all over the bridge on the show. The lights would go off and on and the people would move from one side to the other. Yet it worked on TV.:) I've seen all the other Star Trek movies and loved them all. But all this time I was wondering where was Spock! Where could he be? Last time we saw him he was floating in space and trying to regenerate the Earth. This film gives us the answer, but I won't tell you, because some of you may not have seen it yet and I don't want to give spoilers. Let's just say I was very surprised. Of course, as always, my whole family knew the surprise!

I always wonder why I'm the only one in this family who still enjoys surprises. My husband actually reads the end of a book before he is finished reading the rest of it. My younger daughter is so jaded that I don't think anything can surprise her. She always seems to know the part of something that will be just a little magical if you don't know it. Then you stumble upon it as you watch the movie or TV show and say, "Wow, that was great!" I guess I never got out of that childish stage of wonder.:) Maybe that's what makes me a writer and they are unable to see that part of life. I'm stuck in the world of childhood for my whole life and everything new gives me a great feeling. I love surprises and never want to know the ending of a book or a movie. I find there's a real excitement when you don't know the ending and it makes you a more accepting person. You don't make a judgement before things happen. So you can't have an opinion on something you haven't seen.

But really getting back to the movie, it was sensational. The special effects are outstanding even down to Spock's ears. They were so lifelike it looked like the actor who played him had grown them for the movie.:) The space parts were also so lifelike that I believed they could be expelled out of a small shuttle with retractable parachutes and fly through space into Earth's atmosphere. The spaceship, Enterprise looked so real. Even the letters seemed freshly painted. But the best was the relationship between the young Kirk and the rest of the crew with the exception of the girl who played Uhuru. She had a very small part and it was not at all in the spirit of the original person who played her. Unless they wanted to show a side of the character that has hitherto not been seen.:) The scenes inside the ship, especially the Romulun ship, were not the usual dull, dark, dreary things that have happened in the past. The director managed to keep my and my daughter's interest in those battle scenes with believable fights and heart-stopping moments that I'm sure they filmed with a green screen, but which looked very real.

The reason I think this movie has gotten the ratings it has is my younger daughter's reaction to it. She was not going to see it, though we practically begged her to see it. She told us she was going to see another movie, but when my husband handed her the ticket she came into the theater with us. She had her arms folded the whole first part of the movie, but when we asked her afterward if she liked it, she said yes, she had. Part of it was when the adorable guy who plays Checkov came on the screen she definitely perked up a bit. Then she started to pay attention.

This is a two post review, so more in my next post. Let me know if any of you have seen this and how you feel about it. Until the next time, hope you had a great weekend. It was gorgeous here both days and loved the sunshine. Hope to see some comments. Also should have a guest author here this week. Will tell you who next post.:) Welcome to my new readers and as always thankful for the readers who have been with me. I love the nice comments. If you're here from Blog Catalog, please leave a comment here too. I read and respond to all of them.:)

Photo credits:
Left photo: Left to right: Chekov (Anton Yelchin), James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Scotty (Simon Pegg), Bones (Karl Urban), Sulu (John Cho), and Uhura (ZoĆ« Saldana) in 'Star Trek.' Photo Credit: Industrial Light & Magic. Copyright © 2009 by PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Right photo: Chris Pine (left) stars as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto (right) stars as Spock in 'Star Trek.' Photo Credit: Industrial Light and Magic. Copyright (c) 2009 by PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION. All Rights Reserved.

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