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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Win an Olive Juice Bag

I just came across this and wanted everyone who blogs to know about it too! Announces the

Bag-of-the-Month Contest

The bag pictured is my favorite handbag! They are giving away one a day as long as you post about the contest each day and send them a link to your post. So here is my first one and I'm going to post about this every day until the end of the contest.:) These are very ecologically sound bags, since they are made from cast off material and the company is good to its workers too! Go and pick out your favorite bag if you're a woman, or men give the link to your wife or girlfriend and let her decide.

To enter the contest all you need to do is send your link every time you post to:

Each day they will feature a new bag to give away. So start sending your blog links and let's see if we can win a one of a kind bag. Thank you to Lesley from More or Les(ley) who posted this on Blog Catalog. See more about olive juice bags here.

Until later....have a great day!!!


  1. What a cute company name and bag!

  2. What a great company and very it!

  3. Good! Did you enter the contest? I do love this company too.:)


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