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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Featuring Penny Estelle Author of The Bearded Dude in the Puzzle

It's been awhile since I have posted, but I have been busy. Today I have the pleasure of presenting a new book from author Penny Estelle. Penny has been my guest before, but I will remind you. She is the author of The Wickwire Sagas, Hike Up Devil's Mountain and A Float Down the Canal all for MG/Tween readers. In addition she writes for adults and has several romances and dramas available.

She is here to talk about her new book for MG/Tween, just released, The Bearded Dude in the Puzzle. Let's find out more about this book. I already like the title. Who is this bearded dude and why is he in a puzzle?


Many years ago, in the land of kings and knights, Dozer, a powerful wizard, casts a spell over Scartin, and changes him into a tiny toy wizard and puts him inside the box of a puzzle.

Centuries later, Shelly Taylor, and her two kids, Bobby and Andrea, find their lives in turmoil. They are uprooted from their home and friends and moved to a small town in Idaho.  Their parents’ marriage falls apart, and to make matters worse, for some reason the kids at their schools are shunning them.

Shelly, once an advertising executive, starts cleaning houses to make ends meet.  It is in one of these old homes where the ancient puzzle is found.

As the family works on the puzzle, strange things start to happen.  An evil presence is making its way to the Taylor house, intent on making sure that puzzle never gets put together, no matter the cost, and it’s up to Bobby and Andrea to make sure that it does!

Penny, I love to do puzzles, but I have never seen a puzzle that can affect your life!!! Here is an excerpt:


       “Bobby,” Shelly knocked as she opened his bedroom door, “it’s raining.  I have to leave early today, so I’ll drop you off at school.”
“Okay, Mom.”  Bobby rolled over on his side covering his head with his blankets.
“I believe your mother wants you to arise.”  Scartin’s muffled voice came to Bobby.  
Throwing his covers off Bobby sat up in bed, scratching his head, yawning.
“You look weary, young Bobby.”
The boy jumped up and locked his bedroom door.  “Ya think?” he asked trying to use his best sarcasm.  More than once, during the night, thunder had crashed, rattling the windows.  “A few times the thunder had woke me up and I find Rip Van Winkle staring down at me scaring know what out of me.”
Scartin sat down on the chair, eyes wide with wonder.  “I think you might have been dreaming.  I didn’t see Rip here last night.”
“Ugh,” Bobby groaned.  He pushed himself off the bed and got clothes out of his drawers.  “I was talking about you.”
After a few minutes a smile lit up the wizard’s face and then a deep belly laugh escaped from deep inside.  “You are jesting.  Now I understand!”
“SHHHHH!” Bobby whispered urgently waving his hands.
Andi pounded on the bedroom door.  “Who are you talking to?”
“Uhm…nobody.  I’m singing!”  Bobby pushed Scartin toward the closet door.  “Joey and I will be here after school to work on the puzzle.  Stay hidden.”
Scartin was still smiling as he put up a hand to stop the closet door from shutting
“What?” Bobby asked.
“Rip and I don’t resemble each other very much.  He’s much shorter than I am.”
Stunned with the realization there really was a Rip Van Winkle, Bobby stuttered, “O..okay.  Dude, just stay out of sight.”

This looks like a great book full of adventure and fun and you can find it on Amazon.

My name is Penny Estelle and I was an elementary school secretary for 21 years. I heard every excuse and story in the book when kids would be sent to the principal. I promised myself when I retired I would write stories about kids and that is just what I did.  

I am retired with my wonderful husband and we live on a fifty-four acre ranch in Arizona on solar and wind. I am the "greenest" person and I know, even if I don't want to be!

I am so excited to have stories out for kids and adults. Hike up Devil's Mountain, A Float Down the Canal, and five stories in The Wickware Sagas - Billy Cooper's Awesome Nighmare, Ride of a Lifetime, Flash to the Past, Bumped Back in Time, and soon to be released, Riches to Rags! All for the tween in your life

I also write under P. A. Estelle. These are stories for the older crowd. At What Price?, Her Cracked Heart, and Dugan's Creek.

Though, a few of my stories are light romance, I would love to take a crack at erotic stories, but I told my hubby I would probably have to go have a few know, for research!!!!

Thank you so much for being my guest today, Penny Estelle, and I wish you all the best with this new book!!

Until the next time, my next guests are going to be featured in the next month. Also, today, Thursday, March 26th I have my show, Red River Radio Tales from the Pages with my very special guest, J. Todd Underhill, radio host, poet and author and Cynthia Sharp, author of How to Write Poetry. Please tune in at 4PM EST for a really fun show!!

For anyone who is following my progress on the sequel to If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Jennifer's Story, I am on Chapter 15 and close to finishing it.

Happy Passover to those who observe it as I do. This year for the first time in years I will be hosting the seder. Happy Easter to those who observe that. Happy Spring to everyone who doesn't observe either. It seems like it might be coming soon after all. Happy writing too!!

We welcome your comments so please let us know what you think.


  1. are such a gracious hostess.thank you so much for having me today I appreciate it greatly.

  2. Penny it has been a pleasure to host you too!! Good luck with your new book!!


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