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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have 200 Followers!!!

I am very excited to report I now have 200 followers on Networked Blogs for this blog. I remember when I first started it and began meeting bloggers from all over the world. I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and believe it or not it has been almost 3 years that I have been sending out my meanderings to all of you.

I am going to have a contest to commemorate this amazing number so be prepared to win great prizes. For now I am sending out a great big Thank You to all who continue to enjoy hearing about my life and meeting new writers.:)

My next guest author is Jo Linsdell who is an author who also gives so much back to other authors. If you are an author, then you might know about Promo Day where Jo lets everyone come on her Facebook page and promote themselves and their work. The last time I had Jo on my blog it turned out to be the most popular post I ever had!! So you won't want to miss her. Come back on June 1st to read all about Jo Linsdell.


  1. That's fantastic, Barbara - well done! I've a little bit to go to catch up.

  2. Excellent, dear writer friend ~ Congrats on making your place a fun place to hang out:0)

  3. Thank you to Rosemary and Kay Dee!! I couldn't have done it without you!!

  4. Congratulations Barbara. Quite a milestone. I too have quite a bit to catch up. I wonder in those 3 year years how long you were a member of Triberr, and if you saw an uplift after joining? I'm a newbie, but it does seem a fantastic tool where we can all help each other.


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