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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poems for Days 29 and 30

I can't believe the month of April is gone and we're in the second day of May! After several miserable days where it seemed more like March here today was gorgeous and warm. Unfortunately, I've been following the breaking story of the car found in Times Square with what police think is a bomb. They are still investigating it, but they evacuated Times Square for blocks from 45th St to 48th St. It's getting late and I'm staying up to see the mayor and the Police Commissioner. Here they are now:

Sunday, May 2nd at 2AM:

Bloomberg is still in his tuxedo and Governor Patterson is there. The mayor just said that danger was averted. A tee shirt vendor alerted the police about the van and then the police saw the vehicle and decided it needed more help including the bomb squad. There were gas cans and black powder as well as three propane tanks, two clocks and a metal box. They're calling it an Improvised Explosive Device or IED which thankfully had a problem detonating. The bomb squad neutralized it and now they are going to go over everything in another location. Meanwhile it's almost 3AM and Times Square is still barricaded. Another terrorist attack has been thwarted.

These are the last poems for April. I haven't had any comments yet, but I would love you to tell me which were your favorite poems for April. Enjoy the last two poems.

Poem for Day 29

April 29, 2010

And Suddenly…..

And suddenly the month
was about to end
And I hadn’t written half the poetry that was
inside of me. The caged words banged against
the walls of my brain wanting to be released

Others penned elaborate treatises
too lengthy to read all the way
Their words brought tears to my eyes
Images inevitably blending together
as my eyes closed hands still on the keys

And suddenly there was only one more day
to bring those images forth from my own mind
To mix with the myriad impressions of life all
had written and pasted onto the comments in straight lines
One after the other a parade of poems moving downward
until the blank comment box showed the end.
copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu

Poem for Day 30

April 30, 2010

Letting go


I have to admit it’s gone forever
The sweet expectation of the night
when your unclad body
slipped effortlessly into mine
When your eyes held an invitation
and just your gaze aroused a passion

When your touch spread tingles straight
to my loins inflaming the nerve endings
of every pore

Goodbye to surrender
to the climb we began
and ended together
to the unspoken message
to each other across a room
to the excited get away
and spontaneous liaisons
when our hearts and bodies
became one

I’m letting go of the joy
at the first touch of your skin
when we danced the dance of lovers
Rocking back and forth in mutual joy

From first touch of your lips on mine
it’s been a wild ride, my own private
Disney World when it was right
I hung on, but now the ride is over
and all that is left is the empty midway
copyright 2010 by Barbara Ehrentreu

I'm very sad about the challenge being over, but it was lots of fun writing a poem a day. For anyone else who participated I hope you had as much fun as I did. Until the next time I hope you will let me know which poem is your favorite and thank you to all my readers.


  1. I enjoyed them all. I particularly liked "Letting Go" in this post.

    Happy May!

  2. Barbara, thanks for posting the link to your blog. "And Suddenly" captures how we all felt astonished and griefstruck at the end of the PAD Challenge. I've got to get busy and get my "Top 5" submitted!

  3. GUYS,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Also thank you for helping me to make my decision. I might post my choices and have people tell me if I should add or subtract any.:)

  4. Karen,
    Thank you for giving your choice. You don't think it's a little too internal? But I'll include that one too.:)

    I got a note from Long Story Short that they still had my poem and were going to let me know by the end of May. She said she had my "fine work" so maybe she liked it.:) I don't even remember which poem I subbed it was so long ago.:)


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