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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Writing Resolutions

Here are my own New Year's resolutions. See if we have any of them in common.:)

  1. Get my first YA novel published. This keeps getting rejected even after I revised it after the last rejection. I don't think that I am sending to the right people.
  2. Finish my second YA novel. I think I finally have an ending for it.:)
  3. Revise my third YA novel. This is the first novel I have ever written in a boy's POV.
  4. Revise the first draft of my first romance/adventure/suspense novel. I sent an excerpt into a romance critique group and happy to be part of the group now. For a children's writer this is something.:)
  5. Write more short stories and submit them. I know a lot more places to submit them now. I will try for more flash stories too.
  6. Promote my writing more including my blog and articles. In that vein I have linked my last article to this blog.
What are your writing resolutions? Let's compare ours. Please leave a comment. Your comment may get on the air for my January show.:) On that show I will have Donna McDine and Lea Schizas as well as a mystery guest perhaps.:)

One more comment on the fire that has displaced my family and killed two of my neighbors. This was probably the most heroic gesture I have ever seen. This man rushed into a burning house to save his wife with no regard for himself. He and his "extended family" were such wonderful people and I think I should honor him in some way. Perhaps this requires a story or poem. I'm not sure yet.

Thank you to my readers and I hope that everyone had a great New Year's Eve. Ours was quiet but we had a layer of comfort being with each other that hasn't been present since my husband came out of the hospital. Our life together has been very chaotic lately, so this peace was very welcome and I hope it continues throughout 2010. Happy 2010 and I expect to see your resolutions in the comments. I would love to have at least three or four to read on the air for the January show!!!


  1. First of all, I'm so sorry about the fire. Tragic. I hope you are all doing your best to cope.

    As far as writing resolutions. Well, I certainly like yours. What's a YA novel? I must be missing something?
    Good luck with all of them.

    1. Continue to blog for THE GUYS
    2. I'll be blogging for 1 or 2 business as well. (Hey we gotta make some money somehow!)
    3. Investigate Ebooks and how to self publish with Kindle, etc.
    4. Apply for a few writing grants.
    5. Submit poems, short stories for publication. THe old fashioned way. Which is? I have no clue at this point.
    6. Submit freelance articles to a few magazines.
    7. Keep working on THE GUYS comic strip.

    Any thoughts or help is much appreciated. I've been a full time musician my whole life, so pursuing my writing has been a welcome change.

  2. Hi The Guy's Perspective

    Thank you for your concern about my situation. I attended the memorial service for our neighbors tonight and it was hard to hear about them. The church was packed and I realized how close I felt to their family. I wrote a poem for them called, "Sleep Well, My Friend". Since they are Mexican, I translated it into Spanish and gave them both copies.

    We have lost our apartment, since the house is now considered uninhabitable, we had to move to a hotel and the Red Cross helped us very much.

    Glad you like my resolutions for writing.

    Sorry, I didn't know you were not aware of what YA is. It's very simple: young adult is YA.

    I like your resolutions too. Thank you for sharing. I will probably use a few of your resolutions on the radio show :)

    The old fashioned way to sub means you need to check every publisher's guidelines for subbing. They usually print them on their websites. Most who want you to sub the old fashioned way don't trust the internet. They would rather have an author send their work as a manuscript.

    For places where you can sub, use The Writer's Market. You can either buy your own copy or go to the library and then copy the information you find there.In Writer's Market If you twnety form

  3. Barbara,

    So sorry about the fire -- what a tragedy.

    As to resolutions -- ack!

    1. Read poetry. This was one of my resolutions last year -- and I did well with it. I haven't read as much over the holidays -- time to get reading again.

    Trite but true -- one of the best ways to improve one's own poetry is to read lots of other people's.

    2. Write poetry. Write or revise something every day. This is not a problem. What is a problem is remembering to vacuum the house and empty the dishwasher..

    3. Finish the draft of my second MG novel. I stopped working on this one when I broke my wrist -- but now that my wrist is out of its cast I have no excuse.

    3. Submit the math poetry collection to more places -- I have some more publishers to check out.

    4. Submit more poetry. TI did start organizing my poetry -- pretty overwhelming.

    I'm going to go post my resolutions over on my blog.



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