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Saturday, November 7, 2009

NaNo Update!

Just a quickie post to let you know that I've been writing. My NaNo total is now:

10,269 words! Now just a little under 40,000 words more. Seriously I have no idea what this book is about, but it's coming along and I'm getting closer. You can see it on the new widget I just added on the sidebar. It's very cool!

To all the NaNo people out there. Keep writing no matter what is happening in the background. I'm missing Saturday Night Live now and listening to Taylor Swift singing. At least I'm done for the day. More tomorrow. I'll keep you updated every time the count changes. Also if you're on the NaNo board you can check it there too. Remember, I'm lionmother there.

Posts during NaNo will be less frequent as I explained before, but I will post when things happen.

The only funny thing that happened tonight was that when my daughters and I were in the movies my younger daughter elbowed me a little while I had a box of popcorn in my hands and it flipped over and all the popcorn, I mean all of it, fell into my older daughter's open handbag.LOL It wasn't so funny for her, because she had to pick out popcorn and practically empty her entire bag. Luckily, the movie hadn't started yet.:) Has anything like that ever happened to you? Leave a comment and tell me anything funny that has happened to you in the movies. I'll see if I can top you.:)

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