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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet Guest Author, Karen Cote!!!

For the entire month of September this blog was devoted to bringing you only writers of MG/YA. Today my guest author is a very dear friend and author from MuseItUp Publishing who is on the brink of publishing her book, Erotic Deception from the MuseItHot division.

Here is her bio:

I live in a Southern California Castle with Prince Charming and a Magnificent Black Stallion.

Okay, it’s a bungalow, my husband works in a corporate environment and my horse is a small black pug with a sense of humor and a lot of attitude. But my address is Cloud 9, CA.

I grew up in a small town in Missouri sharing years of romance novels with my mother. We laughed together, cried together, and thoroughly enjoyed our favorite authors. My mother has since passed but her gift of memories will always remain through the pages of each novel I write.

Thank you, dear reader, for the precious time you will use in journeying with my heroes and heroines. May the echo of their laughter and tears create special memories within you as I have enjoyed from authors past. My gratitude to MuseItUp Publishing is one I am still trying to articulate.

Actually Karen, the gratitude should be from all of us authors at MuseItUp Publishing who you have helped in so many ways. Karen's website is very unique. Anyone who hasn't been there should go there immediately and check out its many features. When you first get on the website you are greeted by this lovely avatar of Karen

 telling you all about the places you can visit on the website. She invites other authors to come and prepares a custom made avatar for each author. I had the pleasure of being interviewed along with my character, Carolyn Samuels. She treated each of us with care and panache. Her choices for wardrobe and hair were excellent and she continues to make every author who appears on her site very special.

I'm sure Karen is now blushing, because she is not one to heap praise upon herself. On the contrary, she usually is there helping someone else and rarely thinks about herself. She is a benefactor in so many ways. For this Thanksgiving Karen has added another dimension to her website. Here she is to tell us about it in her own words:

Coffee Time Romance…Proud Sponsor For…2011 Thanksgiving Project

Hello darling Barbara. I am EXCITED to be here today and I thank you so much for the opportunity. You know, in this world of hearts, there exist few that are bigger or more generous than yours.

Okay, now I'm blushing. Can you all see it??

You’ve been a friend, role-model, and such a solid support; not only of my own endeavors but everyone who enters our Muse house or comes into contact with you. As such, I didn’t have to ponder too much about what I wanted to discuss here. Of course, it’s what you do most. Give to others.

When I first mentioned the efforts of Coffee Time Romance, (another big heart) you embraced it with that unique spirit of yours to jump in and get involved. Barbara, I’m grateful for the person you are and the platform you’ve provided to express this need.

Thank you, Karen! I feel the same way about you.

As you know, Coffee Time Romance is a sponsor for a very special project for those in need. I’ve listed all the details below and I hope anyone visiting today will join us in our efforts and step forward to nominate a family and give hope to someone who may need a helping hand in a time of need.

I actually did nominate a family and it gave me such a warm feeling to know that I was giving a family a chance to have a real Thanksgiving dinner so they could use those funds somewhere else. You shouldn't have to make the choice of paying bills or having a real Thanksgiving dinner. Many families are in situations this year they would never have imagined. Nominating a family only requires you to go the website and follow instructions. Think of their faces on Thanksgiving.

Your Part:

We need you to help us select a needy family this season.

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and holiday meals - for sharing and spreading happiness. A time to be thankful for the people, experiences, and gifts we receive in our lives. Unfortunately, there are some people who have a tougher situation than we do. Regardless of the hardship in their lives, whether it's a family crisis, lost job or other unforeseen circumstances, they are unable to truly celebrate the holidays because of their financial situation.

In hopes of helping these families share in the holidays, last year, Silver Publishing donated two $500 Gift Certificates to grocery stores local to two needy winners. The recipients were nominated by family, friends and coworkers who witnessed, first-hand, the hardship these families experiences day-to-day. They nominated each family via a forum post. It was heartbreaking to pick only two families, but we chose and they were able to join others in the holiday experience.

We want to expand that further this year and try to help more families during these difficult times so we’ve joined forces with other publishers, review sites, authors, and others in order to spread the holiday message and allow others to truly enjoy the season which would otherwise be too difficult to do on their own.

This year, Silver Publishing is going to repeat the project and offer another $1000 in gifts to needy families. Additionally, we are going to add a percentage of royalties earned during a special sales week to be announced. Others joining in the sponsorship will contribute other gifts of their choosing – whether it’s food, money, gift cards, or another gift, we are getting together in a joint effort to help more families during this special time.

If you’d like to help us, please nominate a family you feel needs a little help this Thanksgiving. Let us know ‘why’ you feel they should get a sponsorship. And don’t forget to let us know how to contact YOU, the nominator. This way, if the family mentioned is selected, the sponsor can contact you for more info on how best to send them their holiday gift.

We are accepting nominations July 1, 2011- October 31, 2011.

To nominate a family, please follow the link to complete the entry form.

Thank you.

ONE MORE WAY TO GET INVOLVED…In addition to nominating a family there’s another way you can help feed a family at Thanksgiving. All you have to do is go to the following site and tell us your favorite coffee beverage or tea, if you prefer. Your preference will be logged as a comment and for each comment $1 will go toward feeding a family at Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for your caring and participation. Here’s the link to comment:

Again, thank you so much, Karen, for bringing this to our attention! Now didn't I hear that you were about to publish a novel?

Yes, I will be publishing my first novel from MuseItUp  Publishing on October 14th. Look in The Muse Bookstore for more information, the cover, the blurb and an excerpt.

I am thrilled for you, Karen!! Good luck with all your ventures!!!

Until the next time. thank you to my new follower! More news about my book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor.  I now have three reviews on Amazon and two are 5 stars!!! I'm not sure about the rank, because it varies so much! If anyone knows about how they determine the rank on Amazon I would love to know.:)

I am still going through the various blog comments you left in September and soon will be posting the results of the drawings and the comment contest. The month of October is going to be like a vacation for me, so I will be blogging less and trying to relax before November when it all gets crazy again. I will be posting on two blogs on Saturday: DowntownYA, my usual Saturday column, and on The Muse blog where I will be talking about Halloween experiences.

My guests for RRWL Tales from the Pages on Thursday, October 27th will be Roseanne Dowell and Nancy Bell, two authors I love from MuseItUp Publishing and who just published MG/YA novels. Also we will be joined by a dear friend, Donna Marie Merritt who will be talking about her recently published book of poems written while she was taking care of her husband who has cancer:

Cancer:Poetry for Tough Times v.2: A Caregiver's Guide

Where I live it's brilliant sunshine and blue skies. I think I will venture outside and enjoy this. Also they came and painted today and I'd like to be able to breathe.:)


  1. Karen, you never cease to amaze me. You're generosity and concern for others is admirable. Thank you, my friend for all you do for me and all the Muse authors. I wish you much success with your books.

  2. Dearest Ro, you should talk! With all that you do? Barbara is the same way. It's why I'm drawn to people like you. Its in admiration and support and believing in those with like-minded desires to help. Moral support is the absolute gem of caring. You both give it in abundance. Love you and thank you for stopping by!

  3. What a lovely interview Karen and Barbara. Although I expect nothing less from you two ladies. Karen, your generous spirit is an inspiration to us all. We're gonna rock Montreal in November. :~)


  4. Hi, Barbara and Karen! I'm so happy you are here and talking about your projects and your book. You are a generous gal and I look forward to being on your TV again!

  5. Hi, Barbara and Karen! A wonderful interview with a wonderful gal.

    I look forward to being on your TV again! and thank you for your generosity.

  6. Ahh Nancy how lucky you are to be able to meet these wonderful people. Barbara, great post, Karen makes an awesome guest.
    What a wonderful soul you have Karen! It is great to know that there are people who care so much and not only think good thoughts but carry through with ideas and projects. Congratulations.
    When the 14th comes around Karen I wish you every success. I know you support so many of the Muse authors, it will be your turn to be feted! Kudos to you.
    And.. your books.
    Montreal had better begin preparing for The MUSE Retreat!! Just wish it wasn't so far away!

  7. Oh, I wish Ro and I could join y'all in Montreal! I would so love to meet both of you, my dear friends, and I know Ro would too! We've commiserated with each other that we can't come. But cyberspace is wonderful. Think what it's given us all! Each other!

  8. You are one awesome lady Karen! I hope to grow up and be just like you smooches

  9. Do you know how much I admire this woman? Thiiiiiiiiiiis much! I've never met a more generous, amiable and talented person. And BarbaraE take a bow! I think you both are marvelous. By the way, I don't have a family to host for Thanksgiving but maybe I can host one someone else finds? Anyone?

  10. What a worthwhile endeavor. Kudos to you, Karen, for focusing on making this a wonderful Thanksgiving for others. I loved the interview. You gals are a real team. Hugs.

  11. Kudos to you, Karen, on spotlighting this generous Thanksgiving mission. This will benefit so many families. Great interview. You two gals make a fine team!

  12. Barbara, Ro, Nancy, Rosalie, Gail, Karenne, Heather, J Q.

    My Goodness. This! This is my family. Even that can't articulate what you mean to me. You are a joy in my life and an absolute gift from the true Giver who knows how to give. Who invented the concept.

    I will be kneeling tonight in prayerful gratitude for Him in allowing me to be here, right now, at this moment and feel the richness of you beautiful beings He's created.

    Thank you all.


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