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Friday, February 26, 2010

Celebrating Words! Words Matter Week!!

Go to the website to download your own poster.
Looking toward the heart of the city

They stopped plowing and this is the street.

Many people in the country have had a lot of snow this week. We had over a foot here in White Plains. Last night during the full force of the snowstorm my daughter took these pictures from our window in the hotel. I posted them on Facebook too, so you might have seen them:) I thought they were so good I decided to post them.

Anyone who listened to Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages yesterday heard one of the best shows ever!!! I was privileged to have as my guests all six members of the "creative collective" of children's picture book authors who are participating in the month long celebration of Women's History Month by doing readings, panel discussions and exhibiting their art work in three bookstores and a gallery/restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. They are: Melanie Hope Greenberg, Selina Alko, Miriam Cohen, Aileen Leijten, Pat Cummings, and Meghan McCarthy. For more information you can read my article about this. So the interviews were so great and I wanted to continue speaking with these amazing authors for more time. I invited them all to be guest authors on this blog and I hope to be bringing them all here eventually.

The first author to visit the blog will be Melanie Hope Greenberg, the leader of the group, who has published Mermaids on Parade, which uses the annual Mermaid parade in Brooklyn. They march down to the ocean and overlays a fictional story in a child's point of view. Melanie will be here to talk about her career and the Women's History Month event. Anyone who missed the show can go to Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages.

On the same show I interviewed Samuel King, who has written a story that will soon be on Amazon. It is called "The First Angry 'Man' " and is written in the point of view of a sentient being or a hologram. Besides this story, Sam has written a novel, novellas and a screenplay. His writing is clear and for science fiction this story doesn't require you to learn too many things. One of the problems I have with almost all science fiction is learning about the new worlds that they create. It was bad enough with Harry Potter, but some of these stories give you characters with almost unpronounceable names and worlds that have too many details. With Sam's story you basically have two locales.:) It's easy to keep track of everything and all the characters. I'll remind you when his story is available for download.

Just when I thought that there has been a week for everything comes one for words.:) I was invited by one of my friends to become a fan of Words Matter Week and of course I never say no to a friend.:) So I went to the website and found this awesome poster that you see here. I love the Mark Twain quote too. As a writer, words usage is part of my everyday life so I am publicizing it here.

Words Matter Week is from Monday, March 1st through Sunday, March 7th. This event is sponsored by the National Association of Independent Authors and Editors and is done during the first full week of March. There are events by librarians and teachers as well as anyone who wishes to participate. There are blog challenges during the week, which will be announced on the website. But this week has a higher purpose. If you donate $2.50 you are giving one book to a child through First Book. So if you are interested in helping to further the reading of a disadvantaged child please think about donating to this worthy cause.

Tomorrow we will officially move into our new apartment!!!! We have been going over, at least my daughters and I, and hanging out there. I did my radio show there yesterday. But my husband has NEVER been there since we signed the lease. He doesn't know what it looks like with our stuff in there. Also, the place smells of ozone. I'd rather that than smoke - believe me! It will be interesting to see his expression when he sees it tomorrow. I can't wait to unpack everything including my Betty Boop collection. I have no idea where they will go since my daughter says it will be tacky to put them into the china cabinet in the living room. I might have to go get a new cabinet with glass doors to display them in my bedroom. But where will I put it?:) But that is another discussion.:)

My apologies to all of my blog friends. Usually I feature at least a blog a month, but because of my situation I have hardly done any blogs. So I hope to remedy that by featuring at least one of my favorite blogs a week. I appreciate all of my followers who have had to put up with my sporadic posts. The long "velvet nightmare" is almost over. I can't wait for my life to go back to a relatively normal situation.:)


  1. Well, I'm psyched you'll finally be moving in. But somehow you still seem so productive, even amidst the chaos. Amazing! Enjoy your new digs.

    Your site was one of the Blogs we gave props to in our new post.


  2. 幸運之神


    Thank you for visiting and I will definitely share more soon.:)


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